Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soccer 2013



Friday, October 11, 2013

Bridger's First Day

I'm about a month behind on this, but here is Bridger on his first day of preschool.
Bridger is doing an amazing job at school this year.
He knows his letters, he can write his name, and he LOVES to read.
We read together every night before bed.
We just finished the whole Harry Potter series, then we read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and now we're almost done with A Wrinkle in Time.
He not only likes to listen, but he really understands.  The last time Mike was over, Bridger was explaining to him about a tesseract and what it means to "wrinkle" time.
Bridger is also doing awesome in gymnastics.
In just a few months of his big kid class, he can do the splits, he can do a bridge, and he can do a flip on the trampoline.  He loves his coach and works really hard.  We're so proud of him!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sleepy Baby

I love watching my babies sleep.
They are so sweet and amazing.
One morning, after Jagger had been up all night, he fell asleep in my bed and looked so precious sleeping that I had to take some pictures.
(Esp. because I didn't think it was very cute that he cried all night) 
He looks so much like the other boys did at this age!
I can't believe how fast he's growing.
I still feel like I just barely had him and now he is 6 weeks old!
He even smiles occasionally :)

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of school and 7th B-day

Saxon's first day of school was on August 20th, which was also his 7th birthday!
I emailed his teacher to ask if I could send treats, and she emailed me back with an awesome plan...

Nate drove Saxon to his first day of first grade at his new school.
We put him in early track so he started at 8 a.m.
I got there at 10 a.m. with blue donuts.  Saxon really wanted blue with colored sprinkles and Macey's bakery was nice enough to accommodate us :)

We brought one of Saxon's favorite books with us.
His teacher had us all sit up front while all the kids came to the rug.
They sang 3 different birthday songs to Saxon and she put his b-day poster on the wall.  He got a b-day crown and then we read his story to the class and told the class all about him.  The kids were able to ask questions to get to know him better.
After we finished, Saxon passed out his blue donuts and the teacher turned on a video.

Then, the office announced his name over the loud speaker and had him come to the office to get a book.  He was thrilled!!!  It was the best first day of school ever!

That night, we had Panda Express for dinner and then frozen yogurt (Saxon's choice).
What he really wanted was the China Buffet but I said he had to wait for Mike for that.  Mike is the one who got him hooked on all-you-can-eat-Chinese-food :)

While I was ordering the blue donuts at Macey's, they suggested that we do a Texas donut for the b-day boy and they would write on it.  So we did that too :)
Dalton squashed it a little bit on the way home, but you can still kind of read his name.
We LOVE you Saxon!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Minecraft Party - Saxon's 7th B-day

For Saxon's 7th b-day party, he wanted a "Minecraft Party".

(For some reason, these pictures posted in reverse order and I don't want to bother re-doing them, so this is how the party went from the end to the beginning...)

 Bridger's b-day came up so quickly after having Jagger that I was a little stressed.
I thought I would have plenty of time to plan Saxon's party, but before I knew it, it was only a few days away.
So once again, I called up a few friends and asked them to come back over for another BBQ and another party :)

Here are Dalton and Petyon jumping on the trampoline together: 
Saxon and all his friends eating cake and ice cream and checking out their pinata candy:
We made mint brownies instead of cake because minecraft has lots of brown and green and everything is square.  So each kid got a square of mint brownie.

Saxon wanted a pinata that looked like "Steve" from Minecraft.
Since they didn't have that, we bought an army guy.
On the first swing, Saxon knocked his head off.
Nate had to tie him around the waist and hang him back up so everyone could hit the pinata.

We blew up a bunch of balloons and taped mincraft pig, minecraft cow, and minecraft ghost faces on them.  Then all of the kids got to attack the balloons with dollar-store weapons.  That was Saxon's idea.  I'm pretty sure it was the most violent b-day party game ever.  Each balloon had candy though so for every pig they killed they got a roll of smarties.
Minecraft "creeper" party bags...I had to improvise because I forgot party bags while I was at the store and had to come up with something right before the party.
Minecraft "TNT" to blow things up.
Afterward, Saxon told me it was his best b-day party ever and he wants to do that every year.  What a relief!  I only had a few days to plan and we only had a few friends over, so I was so happy that he loved it!

Happy Birthday Saxon!

Friday, August 23, 2013

First Boat Ride

A few weeks ago Mike called and invited us to go on the boat.  We had some of the boys' friends over, but he said they could come too.
Everyone tried the Jimmy-Jam.



Bridger and Jonah on the tube:
Saxon and Dalton:
And Jagger's first boat ride.
Mike said he is the youngest rider ever on the boat.
3 weeks...

He let all of the boys have a turn driving too.
They loved it!

Thanks Mike!!!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

One Month Old

I've seen so many cute ideas from Pinterest of how people take month-by-month pictures of their babies on the same blanket each time, or with the same teddy bear, or a on a rocking chair, etc.  I decided to try it out with Jagger and this is what we got:
August 11, 2013
Happy 1 month my sweet baby!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bridger's 5th B-day

On July 31, Bridger turned 5!!!

Since I had just had Jagger a few weeks before, we decided to keep it simple.
We just called up a couple of friends and had them over for a BBQ and slip 'n slide.
And of course, a pinata!
Bridger picked a robot pinata and was so excited about it, he wanted it to sleep in his room :)

I tried out a new cake decorating idea from Pinterest and it turned out better than I expected...although I tried to write his name in red and instead we got pink...
He was so excited for his party!
He loves that his birthday comes first in the year :)

Happy Birthday to our big 5 year old!!!