Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Saxon's 5th Birthday!

For Saxon's 5th Birthday we had an Optimus Prime/Reptile Party :)
Saxon couldn't decide on which theme he wanted more.
Really, we had a reptile party, but we had Transformers plates to make Saxon feel like it was still and Optimus Prime party too :)
Brookie was in town and helped me get ready.
We made about 100 mini donuts,
and we made yellow cake cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting.
And of course, a gummy frog on top :)
Jeff came and did his animal show.
I really can't say enough how cool it was!
Jeff has a way with kids and animals, so it was perfect.
He let all of the kids touch the hissing cockroaches and he taught them a ton of new facts about reptiles and bugs.  He even taught me some new stuff.
Jeff's legless lizard...
The kids getting to check out "Cinderella" the snake...
Everyone knows how tall Jeff is, so that gives you a good idea for how big this snake was.  It almost touches the ground when it's draped over him!

Everyone got a chance to feed Gordon.
Luckily, Gordon always likes to eat so he was more than willing to entertain the kids :)
Saxon was disappointed that he only got cupcakes and not a birthday "cake", so I put 4 cupcakes together and frosted them to look like one cake.  Saxon didn't even eat it.  He was too busy with his friends.

He got some really cool presents from his friends and had such a GREAT birthday party!

And we finally got to show off the twins to Brookie.
I had been telling her all about them, so it was so fun for her to finally meet them.
Here she is with Baby Wrigley.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Soccer Game #3

For soccer game #3, we finally convinced Bridger to play.
The reason he played: Saxon.
He loves his brother.
Bridger would play because Saxon was playing.
Saxon, in turn, stuck by Bridger through the whole game.
Here he is giving him some pointers:

I was so proud of them!
I love watching them play together.
I hope they grow up to be best friends...

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Seven Peaks again...

Since we have those "pass of all passes", we go to 7 peaks a lot.
It's been so fun to meet up with Britt and the boys.
The boys will take my boys on all the slides, and Britt and I will sit with the baby :)

This last time we went, Saxon wanted to try the rope swing.
Britt agreed to go with him, and he really did it!
So, they came back and got me so I could take pictures.
First, he posed with Bridger:

Then he recruited that cute girl in the pink bathing suit to help him get the rope:
And splash!
He really did it!
He swung out on that rope, dropped into deep water, and swam to the side.
What a champ!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

BBQ with Aunt BB

Last week Aunt BB invited us to a BBQ.
She got out the slip-n-slide and my kids were in heaven!

Dalton was a big guy, walking all over...

Thanks for the fun day!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Soccer Game #2

Soccer Game #2:
Saxon played the whole game and loved it!
He played goalie for a while and stopped a bunch of balls.
He would hold his hands up and cheer for himself and all the parents laughed :)

Nate coached this game and Bridger hung onto his legs saying "carry me!" for most of the game.  Either that or he would sit by me and say "I need a rest."
This is how Bridger feels about soccer:

At one point, Bridger ran down the field, and then off the field, and hid in the trees.
He was done :)
Our boys are so cute out there!
We are so proud of them!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Goof Troop

Gregor started calling Dalton "Goof Troop" because of his teeth.
Now my boys call him that too every time he smiles :)

Our little Goof Troop in a fantastic kisser!

Saxon begged for a turn with the camera:

Then, Saxon wanted me to take pictures of him.
At first he was pretending to be Bridger
(looking in every direction except at the camera)
Then I got a big Saxon smile!

Since Bubs wasn't cooperating, Saxon held his head in place.
Then I tried to get one of me and Bubs.
Bridger wouldn't look at the camera, but Saxon snuck in there on the side :)

Saxon was feeling very photogenic, so I let him talk me into a bunch of pictures:

This is how Bridger feels about pictures:

They are SO  FUNNY!
I love these guys!!!!