Monday, August 31, 2009

Hannah Montanta Party

Day 2 without Nate:
Dear Nate,
Today we went to the pool in the morning and then Bridger took a really long nap while Saxon had "quiet time". After his nap, Bridger wanted me to read to him every book in the house. He follows me around hitting me with the book until I sit down so he can plop in my lap and enjoy the story. If I don't respond fast enough, I just get whacked in the head with the book over and over until I pay attention. For dinner, we went to Mike's house and had a Hannah Montana the movie pizza party with him and Mandy. Saxon was beside himself. He rocked out on his Hannah Montana guitar, sang along to every song, and entertained us all. Bridger caught on and started dancing and singing also. I wish you could have been there...

Mike & Mandy with Saxon & Bridger.

Saxon rocking out along with the movie while wearing both Mike and Jeff's hats.

Bridger showing off his moves while wearing his "Rock and Roll" shirt.

We miss you and can't wait til you come home!
ps: I think we're going to have to buy the Hannah Montana movie...Saxon is in love!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Nate!

Happy Birthday Nate!!!
Nate is the best dad in the world!
For his birthday today, we had french toast and opened presents.
Then we played Peter Pan vs. Captain Hook as a family (Saxon's idea).
Saxon assigned out the characters.
I was Peter Pan.
Saxon was Captain Hook (he thinks the red fireman's coat is a Captain Hook costume).
Bridger was Smee (obviously).
And Nate was the crocodile.
So here is Nate, spending his 32nd birthday devouring our children and making them giggle all morning:

After the crocodile had eaten each of the kids several times, me and the boys went to church and Nate had to leave for Boise for yet another round of EXA classes. He just left a few hours ago and I"m already counting down until he gets back.

This was how church goes when it's me vs. the boys:

-Saxon has to pee 3 times during sacrament meeting.
-On the 4th attempt to go to the bathroom I said "no" and Saxon starts yelling "I have to poop!"
-I give in just in case...turns out he didn't have to poop.
-Bridger tries to make a break for it by climbing under the bench and out to the aisle.
-Saxon yells "Go Bridger go...Everybody! Look at Bridger!"
-I jump over the diaper bag/purse/treats/toys that we brought and catch the escapee.
-While I'm heading back with the screaming 1 year old, Saxon hurdles over the bags and takes off.
-I run after him (still holding the screaming toddler) and catch him just as he flings open both doors.
-I drag 2 screaming children back to our bench.
-A minute passes...
-Saxon starts to giggle.
-Bridger starts cracking up.
-I start wondering what secret joke I am missing...
-Bridger dives under the bench and we repeat the entire scenario.
-"Go Bridger, Go!" (apparently the escape was planned).

We miss you Nate! We love you so much and hope you're having a good birthday. Come home soon...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Nate's B-day Party!

We had Nate's B-day Party today.
We went down American Fork Canyon with the Price's and the Williams'.
We had a KIWI Party.
I found a bunch of great kiwi-inspired recipes on Conversations with a Cupcake.
We had kiwi-mango salsa, kiwi-chicken salad sandwiches, and kiwi-coconut cupcakes.
Holly made us raspberry-ginger ale drinks also.
Once again, I love the recipes from that blog!
The kiwi-coconut cupcakes were fabulous!!!

Within minutes, the kids were completely covered in dirt.
I snapped this hilarious picture while we were making dinner.
Look at all of their faces, not a single one of them is's hilarious!

We barbecued hamburgers and veggie burgers, and the kids roasted hot dogs over the fire.

We sang Happy Birthday to Nate...

and Saxon cried because he wanted marshmallows.

Bridger was hilarious...and dirty...

It turns out that Ryan is the ultimate marshmallow roaster...check these out...

Happy Last Day of Being 31 Nate, I hope you had a fun party! We love you so much!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I've had the urge lately to re-do my house.
We don't have money to spend on re-decorating, so we've been trying to make do with what we already have.
Luckily, my husband can build or fix's amazing!
He's been re-building things that we already have and then I sand them down and re-paint them.
We started with re-painting the dining room...

I asked Gregor for his opinion and he suggested that we hang the children from the walls.
It would give our new paint job a personal touch.

Just wait til I post pictures of the toy chest that Nate built for's perfect!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Naughty, Naughty, Baby!

Thanks to Aunt Lisa, this is what Saxon tells me every time he's getting into trouble:
"Naughty Naughty Baby."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sandwich, Illinois

When we were in Chicago this summer, my Dad took over 4000 pictures.
I asked him to send me a copy of a few of the good ones.
He sent me 914.
So, it's taken me a while to go though them, but here are some of my favorites:

1. Entrance to Lake Holiday.
2. City Hall (now an Opera House), The Stone Mill (now a museum).
3. Community church, Sandwich Floral Shop.
4. "The Red Geranium" General Store, "Two Sisters" antique shop.

Some of my favorites from the Lake House:

1. Baseball beach babes.
2. Saxon agreeing to the "you have to kiss your first fish rule."
3. Me and Bubby laying on the lawn.
4. Me holding Saxon, Saxon jumping off the pier to Nate.

-I just found Saxon's party on the blog Elle and Emme.