Thursday, April 28, 2011

All Wrapped Up

Somehow, my little guy, while crawling around the house, managed to get himself wrapped in the computer keyboard cord and then dragged it around the house with him while he crawled around:

Then he got so excited that I was taking picture of him that he came after me full speed (hence the blurry pictures :)

Can't get enough of these big blue eyes!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter in Ecuador

One of Nate's co-workers served her mission in Ecuador and said that it is a tradition for kids to smash confetti-filled Easter eggs over each others heads.
 She gave Nate TWO DOZEN eggs for the kids.

Two dozen seemed like a lot.  Two would probably have been sufficient, right?
In turns out that when we give our boys permission to smash Easter eggs into each others heads, two would never have been sufficient.  They each had a dozen and were devastated when theirs ran out.  It was the highlight of the day!

We had so much fun running around out front and smashing eggs, that we want to start doing it every year!  The kids LOVED it!

After smashing each other for a while, they had to get Mike and Daddy...

And Mom...not only did Saxon smash the egg into my hair, he then had to rub it around for a while and make a complete mess of my hair...

Of course we can't leave out baby Dalton...

My boys are already begging to do it again.
We're definitely making it a tradition!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Shine Project

I'm doing a giveaway today over at
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Easter Eggs

The night before Easter, we finally got around to coloring our Easter eggs.
We decided to try it 2 ways...
1.  Traditional Egg Dye
2.  Pearlescent egg paint

Our vote goes to the traditional way.
The pearl paint was fun and occupied the kids for longer, but it was kind of a mess and the eggs weren't as bright and pretty as traditional Easter eggs.
So...we dipped the pearl ones back into the dye and brightened them up :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

On Easter morning the boys woke up early to see if the Easter Bunny came...

He did, so the boys could hardly contain themselves!
Bridger got a light saber, a hero, and some flip flops...
Saxon got a light saber, a Spiderman, and some flip-flops...

Baby Dalton got some bubbles and sidewalk chalk...
Can you tell by his face that he was super-excited about all of this :)

Bridger showing off his peeps:
Baby Dalton managed to tip over his basket and get a hold of his peeps.
First he put one in his mouth, then he tried to fit the whole pack of them in his mouth at once...

Since we were laughing so hard at Dalton, Bridger decided to try to fit his whole pack of peeps in his mouth at once too...
Saxon and his Spiderman:
More of the baby and the peeps:
(obviously I couldn't get enough of him)
Bridger showing off his guys:

And again...
His whole face was covered in yellow sugar.
I had to take him in the shower with me because we couldn't even put his cute church clothes on over the sticky mess.

The first battle with the light sabers.
Saxon was yoda and Bridger was Luke Skywalker. :)
We hope everyone else had a great Easter too!