Sunday, June 16, 2013


The kids have had their swimming classes for the last few weeks and we've loved it.
It's kind of a kick-off for summer.  I love going to the pool first thing every morning.

Here they are on the last day: 
Dalton and his friend Payton waiting for their turn on the slide:
Bridger waiting his turn:
Saxon coming down:

They all did such a great job!!!
Saxon was in Level 4 and they swim laps across the pool the whole time.  It was quite a workout and I was so impressed that he could do it!  On his certificate at the end, his teacher said that he is "spunky" and a "hard worker".  Bridger was in level 2 and he did such a great job on the first day that they bumped him up to a class with older kids :)  Dalton had his very first swimming lessons and had so much fun in level 1.  His teacher loved him and she was the same teacher that Bridger had a few years ago and we loved having her then too.  We had so much fun that we're kind of sad that it's over...

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Saxon is playing coach-pitch baseball this year.
Mike got him so excited about baseball by getting him his very own mitt and bat.
Mike gave him specific instructions for how to take care of his new baseball equipment and he has been very careful :)  He has games twice a week and so far we've been loving it! 

Friday, June 14, 2013

Scottish Festival 2013

We made it to the Scottish Festival again this year and had so much fun!
My boys all wore their kilts that Mike got them last year and their sporrans that Pops got them for their birthdays.  They looked so awesome!  Everyone kept stopping to look at them and point because they looked so cute.

They each got to take $5 of their own money and put it in their sporran to buy a souvenir.
They felt important having their sporrans on and having money in them :)

Dalton's grouchy face:
They were so excited to go and fight the giant again!
Saxon went first...
He fought as hard as he could...

In the end, they were both injured, but Saxon won :)
Then it was Bridger's turn.
He did such a great job!

And finally killed the giant :)
Dalton (who resorted to wearing his sporran around his neck because it kept falling off his hips) didn't want to fight the giant this year.  He did it last year and did a great job, but this year was feeling shy.
The boys really liked this knight and decided to pose like him.
Then they spent their $5 on wooden swords so they could really fight.
Me and my cute boys!
I was taking their picture and someone came up and offered to take the picture for us because she said it was too cute :)
Dalton with his war-face on:
Saxon and Bridger fighting with their new swords:
At the end of the night, we went onto the field to watch the concert.
We sat in the back with lots of open space so the kids could keep sword fighting.
Saxon asked me to call Pops and ask him if he could send him the weapons that go with the kilt so he could have the full ensemble.
My Dad once sent a package to the boys full of stuff from Scotland so they could learn about where he served his mission.  They LOVED it and so they love everything to do with Scotland and we had so much fun at the festival :)

Thursday, June 13, 2013

May Artwork

Here's the last of the artwork for the school year:

Saxon and his poster.

Saxon's last week of school had a "water day" scheduled.  They were supposed to play water games, but since it wasn't very hot, his teacher had them learn about water and fish instead.  He didn't think it was very fun, but here is the picture he drew:
On the left is Saxon's poster, and the right is Bridger with all of his preschool artwork from May:

Bridger with his "Nn-Night" pictures behind him.  His teacher accidentally glittered his in pink, and since Bridger hates everything to do with pink or girls, she let him re-do the whole project and glitter it in blue :)
Bridger's b-day poster:

The boys had a fun school year, but we're glad it's over and that its finally summertime!!!