Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope everyone had a great day.
We had Nate's family over for Thanksgiving this year.
My sister-in-law Brooks brought all of the dishes and decorations and I couldn't get over how gorgeous it looked!  Each place card had that person's picture on it.  She even had a chocolate truffle that she wrapped with a Thanksgiving quote, and each quote was different.  It was like fortune cookies.  Everyone wanted to hear everyone else's Thanksgiving quote.
My kids were in HEAVEN playing with their cousins!
I made the food, and Brooks did the decorating, and we had so much fun putting it together!
After dinner we all went to see Tangled and then came back for pie.  I made an apple pie, a berry cream cheese pie (from the blackberries we canned this summer), and a chocolate chiffon pie.  They were all new recipes so it was really fun to make them.
Thanks for coming everyone!
Here's a few pictures from our Thanksgiving...

Monday, November 29, 2010

Harry Potter

For Mike's 31st B-day we decided to throw him a Harry Potter Party.
We thought it would be fun to have a Harry Potter feast and then go see the movie.
I tried to keep everything as close to the book as possible.  Nate even made a sorting hat and Mike burned me all 6 Harry Potter soundtracks to play.  Jeff even brought a fog machine so it was foggy as everyone was walking in.  We had Harry Potter 1 playing for the kids in the theater room.
We even had the real Berttie Botts Every Flavor Beans.  Gregor experimented with a few before the party started.  He said that "fish" flavor tastes like you gutted a trout and then licked your fingers.  However, he thought that "ketchup" and "pepper" were worse.  Mike's friend Mike got one that made the whole room smell like garlic.  Bridger put a handful in his mouth and then spit them all out and told me "wucky".  I don't know what flavor he ended up with :)
I also made real pumpkin juice.  I borrowed Brittany's juicer and juiced a sugar pumpkin.  It only made 6 oz of juice, but it was enough to make everything smell and taste like pumpkin.
We had tons of food and treats and lots of Mike's friends came.  The kids all dressed up.  Saxon, Bridger, and Maggie had wizard robes on, and Berkley and Maddox each had a Harry Potter scar.  I wish I had a picture of all of the kids together.  They all looked so cute!
Apparently Bridger ate all of the licorice wands because when we were cleaning up, I found tons of licorice with just the chocolate bitten off all over the clubhouse.
As we were walking in to the movie, everyone kept pointing at Saxon and commenting on his Harry Potter outfit.  He, of course, LOVED the attention!  We all loved the movie too.  
So, here are some pictures from Mike's Harry Potter Party...
Happy Birthday Mike!
Thanks for humoring us and letting us pick the theme to your party:)
I hope everyone had as much fun as we did!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Preschool Pictures

Saxon's preschool pictures...
Is he cute or what!?  I love them...

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dalton's Blessing Day

We had Dalton's blessing on Sunday.
It was wonderful!
We had a lot of family come into town just for the occasion.
Here's some pictures of the luncheon...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Indian Summer

We have had the most beautiful weather this last week.
Almost 70 and sunny everyday!
Since we knew that Saturday would be the end of our Indian summer, I decided to take the kids golfing, and Mike agreed to come help me out :)
It was the fastest game of golf ever since my kids didn't play by the rules.
We would golf each of the fancy holes several times, and skip some of the plain ones.
We were stuck at this red schoolhouse for 3 or 4 rounds.
Dalton was an angel...he slept his way through the whole event...
Bridger would march his ball up to the hole and put it in.
Hole in one, every time :)
Saxon and I dressed to support BYU who was playing that day, and Mike and Bridger ended up matching by supporting Chicago.  We tried to get pictures of it, but the boys were so devastated about leaving that this is the best we could get...