Thursday, January 26, 2012


On Wednesday night, we went to the circus with Mike, and Jeff & Meg and the girls.
The boys got cotton candy:

And a ride on the elephant:

Bridger started to fall off the elephant...I was getting scared and shouting for Saxon to hang on to him.  The elephant guy didn't seem to notice:

Mike bought them tickets to get their faces painted, but Bridger didn't want to, so Dalton did instead.  So cute!

Dalton was pretty proud of his little tiger face:

I just couldn't get enough of my baby tiger:

Me and my baby:
Me and my boys:
I love this face!  It's classic Bridger...a little smirk:
And my Saxon skeleton...I tried to convince him to be something cute...a tiger...a puppy...Of course not, he wanted to be something scary.

Such a fun night!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


It finally snowed!!!  Usually I dread the first snow...but usually it comes way sooner.  I was starting to feel bad for my boys because they have been begging to go sledding, but we haven't had any snow.  It finally snowed on Monday night, and Tuesday was a beautiful day.  We had snow, and the sun was really warm so it was still fun to play outside.  In fact, most of the snow melted by the afternoon.  My kids had a blast though!

Saxon ran right out to make snow angels:
Dalton was cheesing it up for me, and Bubby was kind of grumpy.
He's not a morning person, and any kind of rushing in the morning leads to a grumpy Bubs.

My little cheesecake:
He's soooo cute!

It was the perfect kind of snow too.  It was soft and sticky.  We made a snowman, threw snowballs with Nate's new snowball launcher, and I pulled them in the sled.

I tried to take pictures of them with me because they looked so cute in their snow gear.
Dalton and Saxon cooperated...

Bubby didn't:
Saxon and Bridger with the little snowman they built.  Bridger even put his scarf on it.  It was getting so warm that they boys started stripping of layers.  By the time we were done, the grass was covered with gloves and scarfs and hats :)
Bridger finally decided to make a snow angel, and this little dog kept trying to lick him while he did.  Then the little dog followed us home and tried to come right into our house.  I finally got it out and pushed the button to shut the garage, and the little dog ran right back in and triggered the garage to re-open.  This happened a few times before we finally convinced the little dog that it did not live here.  Much to the dismay of the boys who were begging to keep it :)
It was a fun first snow day!

Saturday, January 21, 2012


After having way too much fun, Bubby was too tired to even watch his movie:

Baby Dalton was giving me cheesy smiles until I turned the camera on him.  Then I just got this half-hearted one:
Love my cute guys!

Friday, January 20, 2012

So helpful

I was trying to do an outfit post for my other blog, and my boys offered their help.
Saxon wanted to be the photographer, and Bridger and Dalton wanted to model their outfits also.

Also, Saxon told me today:
"Mom, if you obey the commandments, you will be on Jesus' team.  If you don't...Satan's team.  You better obey the commandments!"

He's so smart! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

CA trip - part 3

The day after we went to Disneyland, we met Grandpa and Jenna at Titos for lunch, and then went to Venice Beach.  There were tsunami warnings everywhere.  There said "In case of tsunami, seek higher ground."  Ha ha...obviously.  Those are new though.  They never used to have warnings.

Since it was such a beautiful day, we spread out a blanket and laid in the sun.  Saxon and Bridger wanted to get their feet wet, and Bridger fell in.  So, he spent the rest of the day in his undies.
The tide was really low, and a lot of the sand had been pushed back for the winter, so they kids found a ton of shells!

My bubby chubby in his undies.
He was so cute!

Me and Brookie.
It was so fun to spend time with her.
I miss her!

Me and Brookie and Baby Dalton :)
Bridger spent the entire day in the water.
Saxon spent the day building sand castles and finding shells.
Dalton spent his time filling his bucket up with sand and playing with Uncle Kasen.

Baby Dalton in the hole that Uncle Kasen dug for him:
And Titos:
It was such a fun day!  Everyone fell asleep on the way home, exhausted after running around on the beach all day.  

After the beach, me and Nate and the kids and Kasen drove to Fillmore to meet my Dad and Deanna and Nathan at IHOP.  We were there for a long time because the kids were chasing Uncle Nathan and Uncle Kasen around the parking lot and having a blast!

We had such a fun trip to California!!  Thanks Grammie, for planning best weekend getaway ever!