Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BYU Basketball Camp

My boys had a blast last week watching Nathan during BYU Basketball Camp.
His first game was in the Marriott Center and we were the only ones there, so my boys had free reign.
They were wild!
They cheered for Uncle Nathan and I'm pretty sure embarrassed him too.
My Dad took them down on the court to get some good pictures before it started:

Afterward, we walked up to to the CougarEat to get ice cream from the creamery.
Saxon got "cherries" as his topping and when I asked them for the smallest kid's scoop they could do for Bubs, this is what they gave us...a double scoop of "sparkle sherbet".
On the walk back the boys were being CRAZY!
They were so excited to show off for Pops and Deanna that they were on their worst behavior. They started playing this game where every door we passed at BYU, Saxon would push the handicap button and open the door. Bridger would run in and the door would shut before he could run out. Each time we would hear them laughing, we would look back and Bridger would be trapped inside another building. Finally, Pops decided to carry Saxon on his shoulders and Deanna carried Bridger. Otherwise, with all of the craziness, we would have never made it back.

We had so much fun watching Uncle Nathan during Basketball Camp.
My boys went to so many games that they keep asking why we aren't still going to games.
They can't wait to see everyone again at Gregor's wedding!

Tomorrow, I'm off to see an early showing of Eclipse and then heading to California for Shaver Lake. Gregor's moving back in while we're gone and we when get back, we'll have a million pictures to post...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Week with Pops

My Dad, Deanna, and Nathan came into town last week for BYU Basketball Camp.
While Nathan was at practice, my Dad took the boys to the Bean Museum, aka "Pops Favorite Museum" and to the Museum of Paleontology. We had never been there before and it was really cool! My kids ran around checking out the dinosaurs and begging for money to put in the dinosaur donation box. Afterward, Pops got us some really yummy cupcakes from a new dessert place in Orem and let the boys show him around the garden.
That night, we went to the Marriott Center to watch Nathan play. The boys made sure to embarrass him by screaming "Go Uncle Nathan" as loud as they could and running around everywhere. (more pictures of the games coming...)

This is Saxon all snuggled up with Uncle Nathan:
The boys got used to having everyone around and now they really miss them...

My Dad has more pictures from Basketball Camp Week, so I'll post more when I get them...

Monday, June 21, 2010

Strawberry Days Carnival

On Saturday night, Mike took us to the Strawberry Days carnival and invited his friend Mike (from work) and his family. My kids LOVE Mike & Megan's kids, so it worked out great! He bought all of the kids wristbands so they could ride every ride as much as they wanted to. We met there at 5:00 and stayed until it closed at 10:30! The kids took full advantage of the wristbands :)
Mike let them get their faces painted and bought them dinner too.
It turns out that Saxon loves the fast rides and was so disappointed that he wasn't tall enough for all of the height requirements. Luckily, he was tall enough for one of them and so he went on that one with Savannah a few times.
Here's a million pictures of them having the time of their lives:

Thanks Mike for the fun night!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strawberry Days Rodeo

On Friday night, Mike took us to the Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days Rodeo.
According to our program, it's the biggest rodeo in Utah!
We've learned, from living in Utah, that the rodeo requires a certain attire...
After borrowing some stuff and inheriting others, we were set.
(Pops loaned us his belt buckles, BB gave us some cowboy boots, and Walgreens had hats on sale)

ABOVE: Pops said he would loan us some belt buckles for the rodeo. I never dreamed he would send this one, I was afraid to let my kids touch it. It's his "Grand Slam Club" belt buckle with his name and grand slam number (675). I let each kid take pictures with it, then we traded it for one of the others because I didn't want anything to happen to it.

BELOW: Poor Bubby hadn't been feeling good and was REALLY tired. This is him during his turn with the belt buckle. He was crying about the picture, not the belt. When I took the belt off, he was even more upset. He wanted to keep wearing it.

Saxon LOVES rodeos!
He screams and cheers and claps through the whole thing.
The Strawberry Days Rodeo has a special event called "Wild Cow Milking" that is now Saxon's favorite. It's where teams of 2 or 3 run out after milk cows and try to hold them down and milk them within a certain time. The team with the most milk wins. Usually the cows get scared and are hard to chase and hold down, so it's funny and chaotic. This time, a few of the cows got mad and started snorting and slobbering and ramming into the teams. The milk cows started acting like bulls and charging the players. Even the cowboys had a hard time rounding up these crazy cows after the event. Saxon laughed through the whole thing!

Bridger like the rodeo too, but he wasn't feeling good, so he just wanted me to snuggle him. He clapped after every event, and then laid back on me. Anytime he got nervous, he would hide under his hat and look out through the holes on top. It was so funny!

Mike and the boys...
My boys are so cute! It's so funny to see the difference in their personalities. Saxon is wild. He's not afraid of anything and everyone is his "friend." He will try anything and has been that way since he was a baby. At the rodeo he claps and cheers a shouts encouragement to the cowboys.

Bridger is more timid. He wants to check things out first and then decide. And once he decides on something, there is no changing his mind. He's my snuggler when he's tired, and he LOVES his brother. He wants to know everything and is always pointing to things and asking "that?" Once I answer, he tells me "ohhh," and then asks about something else.

I love watching their little personalities develop and I can't wait to see what #3 is like.

Friday, June 18, 2010

"The Boys"

Brittany's boys are in town for the summer,
which means,
my boys have playmates again!!! :)

On Thursday after swimming lessons, we met Brittany, Johnse, and "the boys" at the pool so that my 2 (soon to be 3) boys could hang out with her 3 boys.

Here's our beach babes:
Brittany & Johnse ordered pizza and soda and Britt brought juice and snacks.
My boys thought it was a party!

My cool little dude in Eliot's hat:

Today, we met Britt and the boys at the mall to get pretzel bites and walk around.
The big boys even helped watch my little boys so that Britt and I could get some things done.
We can't wait to get together again next week for another play date :)

Just for the record...
-Bridger: he now says "that's cool!" whenever he likes something. He won't say it if I ask him to, only if he feel inspired by something. Lately he has been inspired by his new "rock star" hair cut and "How to Train Your Dragon" jammies.
-Saxon: My little charmer. He tells me all the time "Aww Mom...you're such a sweet girl!" or "love you babe!" or "love you to the moon and back" (and then he winks and gives me the "thumbs up"). He sure knows how to win me over.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Swimming Lessons: week 2

Today was the end of our 2nd week of swimming lessons.
The kids had a party to celebrate and got to go down the slide and get certificates and candy.
Can you tell Bridger is tired? He was up ALL NIGHT wanting to watch "Kung Fu Panda."
Saxon, however, fell asleep at 6 pm last night and slept all night and was ready to go...

This is the closest I got to a picture of them together.
Bridger (big surprise) didn't want to cooperate.

On the left is Bridger going down the slide with his teacher (Andrea) and on the right is Saxon going down with his teacher (Alexa).

Since Bridger wasn't cooperating, Andrea let him sit on the steps and watch Saxon's class go down the slide.

Bridger's preschool class:
Left - playing ring around the roses, Right - practicing ice cream scoop arms.

Saxon's Level 2 class:
Left - playing the train game, Right - practicing back floats

The boys showing off their certificates:

Swimming lessons was such a good experience.
We can't wait to sign up for our next session!