Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Auntie Brooke

Aunt Brookie watched the kids for me while I took my mom the the voodoo.
This is what Saxon thought of me leaving without him:
Bubby, on the other hand, had a blast!
I LOVE this picture!

In case anyone out there reads my blog, we might be out of touch for a week. We are heading to Chicago to stay at my Grandpa's lake house. The house doesn't have internet, so unless I can convince Mike to drive me into town once in a while, we'll have to update you when we get back. Hopefully Mike can be convinced because I'm sure we are going to have some GREAT pictures. This is Bridger's first Chicago trip and and we're bringing my brother Kasen on his first trip to Chicago. We're traveling with 3 kids, so wish us luck! :)

And thanks Holly for babysitting my house, my flowers, and the garden.
You're the best!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love Stitched...

Brittany is doing a giveaway on her Love Stitched blog!
She is giving away a free onesie and rosebud earrings.
I have the pink rosebud earrings and I love them!!!
(I still want the vintage coral ones too!)
Check out her blog for contest rules and how to enter.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lehi Round-Up Rodeo

Last night Mike took us to Tucanos and to the Lehi Rodeo.
Saxon LOVED Tucanos!
I was surprised because we are not big meat-eaters in our house.
He tried almost everything that came around.
We were all impressed.
Bridger devoured everything from the salad bar.
He loved the fried bananas and the cheese ball bread.

The kids loved the Rodeo.
Mike bought Saxon a "green snow cone" which Bridger helped him eat.

Saxon was begging to do the dance contest in the beginning.
"Saxy need to go in there and dance!"
It was so funny.
Next year I'll have to sign him up.

Saxon's favorite was the motorcycles...again.
Bridger's favorite part was the lady with the lap dog sitting behind us.
He kept trying to reach it.

Today, Saxon had his last swimming lesson.
We were sad because he has really LOVED swimming lessons.
For the last day, his teacher Jordan, took him down the big slide a bunch of times.
At the end, Saxon got a certificate saying that he passed LEVEL 1.
Good job Saxon!!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Diet Coke

We went to Costco today to re-stock up on watermelon. (We go through so much watermelon at my house!) Nate got a Diet Coke on the way out, which Saxon immediately took possession of. He takes his first sip and says:
"Ahhh, Diet Coke make me feel better, Diet Coke make Saxy sooo happy!"
Great. We're going to have to stop drinking soda around him.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!
For Father's Day we had a BBQ down American Fork Canyon with Mike.
Here's Nate and his boys:

I asked Mike to take a picture of Nate and I, and Saxon came running and yelling,
"Don't forget Sax!"

Mike and Saxon

Nate and the boys.


Saxon found a caterpillar and was so excited about it.
He was only willing to let it go because we told him it needed to turn into a butterfly.
Later, he spit out his hotdog and threw it into the bushes to feed his caterpillar.

We also wanted to wish a Happy Father's Day to all of the father's in our lives.
We hope everyone had a great day.
We love you!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Strawberry Days

Last night we went to the Strawberry Days Rodeo!
Saxon wore his cowboy boots and a cowboy hat from Walgreens :)
It was so fun!!!

We had a big group which made it even more fun.
Holly and Bryn came and so did Mike and Mandy.
Nate actually had the day off (amazing) so he could do something with us.

Saxon started getting grumpy by the end, until they brought out the motorcycles.
He was cheering as loud as anyone in the crowd when the guy on the motorcycle did a flip.

We thought Bridger would fall asleep, but instead he just got hyper and giggly.
It was so funny. He kept flirting with the girls sitting behind us.
He was clapping the whole time too, it was so cute!

This is Saxon enjoying the famous "Strawberries and Cream."

Nate and Bridger, and my little cowboy on his 3rd trip to the outhouse.
He kept insisting that he had to poop just to use the outhouse.
He loved the fact that you don't have to flush (gross).
He's such a boy!!!

Holly with Miss B posing in her cowgirl hat and eating some strawberries and cream.

The kids also got to meet the Rodeo Queen and get her autograph.
It was such a fun night, and not too expensive since kids get in free!
I always swore that I would not stay in Utah after I got married, and I would definitely not have kids in Utah.
Well...now that I still live in Utah, and I have 2 kids in Utah, I've decided that I really love it.
Every week from June-September there are all kinds of fairs and rodeos.
We really love living in Pleasant Grove.
There is so much to do for my kids. We spend all summer outside.
(They still broadcast conference on TV which is kind of convenient too).
We went to Orem Summerfest, Pleasant Grove Strawberry Days, and the Lehi Round-Up Rodeo is next week.
We have a pool and a garden and Saxon is in swimming lessons for only $25, what a deal!
So, I guess we're pretty lucky that we ended up where we were supposed to be instead of where we wanted to be.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swimming Lessons

We signed Saxon up for swimming lessons with his friend Vienna.
It has been the highlight of his summer!
He wakes up every morning begging for swimming lessons.

The first day he was a little nervous to be on his own,
but after that, he never even looks back at us.
The minute we get there he stands by his number and waits for his teacher.

This is Saxon and Vienna at swimming lessons.
His class is only for 2 weeks and it's just the basics.
He loves the water and he's not afraid, so I wish we were going to be around enough this summer to put him straight into level 2.
Oh well, hopefully Uncle Gregor will be able to finish teaching him how to swim in California.

Zoo Party

A few weeks ago, Bryn turned 4 and had her party at the ZOO.
Saxon was so excited to get the "brown cupcake."
(Holly got cupcakes from Dippidee, yum!)
He also kept sneaking over to Holly's cooler to get more Cheetos (notice his orange face).
He ran around as fast as he could to whole time.
I could hardly keep up!

Holly was nice enough to pay for all the kids to go on the merry-go-round too!
Saxon kept pushing his way to the front of the line so he could make sure he got to ride the zebra.

Saxon ran so hard the whole time that by the end he wanted to ride in the stroller and make Bridger walk. After throwing himself down on the ground to demonstrate that he couldn't possibly take another step, Holly's brother (and Vienna's dad) Mac, carried Bridger the rest of the time so Saxon could ride in the stroller.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We have had a busy last few days.
On Saturday Mike took us to Orem's Summerfest.
Saxon can't stop talking about riding the "Berry-Go-Round".

The giant slide is always Saxon's favorite ride!
Mike got him set up, then he took off...he didn't even wait for Mike.

He rode this little train all by himself.
He's getting too big!
Unfortunately, we got rained out.
It was fun while we were there though!

Yesterday afternoon, Andi stopped by to show me the new apron she made.
While she was over, we decided to take all the kids swimming.
Look at these bathing beauties!

Then, that night, Mike took us to another Bee's game.
Saxon had to get as close as he could to the action.

Bridger loved it too!
He got to finish off Saxon's hot dog and churro.

Mike put Saxon on his shoulders while they sang
"Take me out to the ballgame"
and they made it on TV!
I always knew Saxon would be famous one day! :)