Thursday, July 23, 2009

The BIG Jump!

So, it seems that the highlight of our trip to California, for Saxon, has been the pool.

Here's Saxon making his BIG jump!

We told Bridger to give Alice a kiss and this is what we got:

He enjoyed it; she did not.

The little fish...

Grandma's House

On Monday, we decided to go spend the day with Grandma Beth.
We brought Kasen with us, and Brittany met us there with Cailey and the boys.
Saxon was so excited to see them after so long!

Brittany and I got to visit with Grandma while the kids swam for 4 hours straight!

Saxon and the boys...

Saxon and Bridger with Grandma Beth.

My kids love BB! Saxon talked to her on the phone for a few minutes last night and then cried after for her. He wanted to go to Grandma Beth's and see BB ;)

Grandma Beth was such a good sport for having all of us there. She ordered us pizza and let the kids eat all of her watermelon and drink all of her sodas. Saxon alone ate about 8 slices of watermelon! Also, Bridger brought his watermelon in the pool, and pooped under he gazebo. Luckily, Grandma just laughed :)

Here's some pictures I just got from Brittany:

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ventura Harbor

On Saturday, we decided to spend the day with my dad.
My mom drove me and the kids out to Camarillo to the outlets to shop for a while, and then to my dad's house. The new Camarillo outlets are REALLY fun, but not actually cheaper than the actual store.
When we got to my Dad's house, he had
Whodidily Cupcakes
waiting for us.
They were so good! Then were the by far the best cupcakes I have ever had. I sampled all of them and then saved the rest for Brookie to try. We decided that "Waffle" flavor is the best!

After cupcakes, we all (my dad, us, and Gregor) went down to the Ventura Harbor to let Saxon ride the Merry-Go-Round. It was the oldest ride I have ever been on. There was a 180 lbs. weight limit for the adult who went the kids, and it went really fast! I was dizzy by the end.
While we were down there, it happened to be the pirate festival? There were actors dressed as pirates, and every crazy person around came dressed as a pirate.
We took the boys picture in the pirate faces. Look at Bubby's face on the left. It's so funny!

Of course we had to get Saxon as a mermaid too :)

My dad took us to a really good seafood restaurant on the beach where I ordered "local swordfish." My dad was teasing the waiter about what is considered "local." Apparantly Baja is still local :)

After all the fun, we went back to my Dad's house to let Saxon play with Tucker (the dog) for a while, and then we went home. Gregor was a good sport, but said he was so embarassed at the mess my kids made in the restaurant. I don't usually think about it (because it is unavoidable) but I also don't usually take them to really nice seafood restaurants. I should have been embarassed. They made a HUGE mess.

Monday, July 20, 2009

More Refugio

More pictures from our Refugio trip.
Saxon snuggling with Gregor and Brooke, Kasen and Saxon looking in the tide pools.

We went on a walk to the end of the cove to go find the caves.
Gregg had Saxon convinced that there would be cave bears in them.
We asked Saxon if cave bears eat little boys and he said,
"No, cave bears only eat little girls."
Watch out Brookie...

Kasen and Gregg built a HUGE sand castle. Saxon took a picture in front of it as it it were his :) Some people on the beach next to us came over to take pictures with it too. The picture on the right is Saxon, buried again, and wearing Brookie's sunglasses.

Another trip to find cave bears. Because my mom had to work, she only could come up in the evenings. So, every night, we would walk down to the caves, and then make a treat in the dutch oven. This Saxon pretending to be the cave bear.

We also hiked up to the top of this little cliff on the other side of the cove. It has a great view of the whole beach, and gave us a little exercise since we had dessert every night :)

My Bridger! Aunt Brookie snapped this cute picture.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Refugio Beach

For those of you who think we dropped off the face of the Earth...
this is what we have been up to:
After we got back from Chicago, I drove Brooke, Kasen, Saxon and Bridger out to California,
where we spent most of the week camping at Refugio Beach.
My mom found out she had to work, so we were on our own :)

Kasen dug a massive hole that Gregor tried to do a flip into. So if Gregor was going to do it, so was Saxon. The picture on the left is Saxon, Kasen, and Gregor doing their football stand before jumping in the hole. The picture on the right is the triple jump.

Bridger flying...

Brooke and Saxon, and Me and Bridger.

Saxon discovered that his favorite thing to do was to be buried in the sand.
He would beg for Kasen or Gregor to "Make Saxy a mermaid!"
As you can see...Saxon the mermaid.

Here is Saxon helping Bridger out of the sand.

Here I am with my babies. Saxon is sunbathing behind me.

Here's my chubba. He was SO completely covered in sand, even his eyelashes. He still has sand in his ears.

Here's the fort that Kasen built.

Saxon loved to play in the waves. Actually, so did Bridger. I was hoping that they would be a little bit afraid, but Saxon jumped right in. I was chasing them the whole trip. Even when he would get knocked down, he would get back up and run out to the waves. Gregor taught him to dive under the waves as they crash over you. Grandpa Gregg took him swimming far out and he loved it! Refugio is in a little cove and there are a few kelp beds to go snorkling in (which Saxon kept begging to do). Gregor went snorkling and a few times and had some dolphins and seals come up close. It was so fun! My mom's bike has the baby seat on it so we went for lots of morning bike rides. Gregor taught Saxon how to hold his elbow up while he plays baseball and Bridger learned to take up to 6 steps! He's going to be walking soon...

Now we are relaxing at my mom's house preparing for our Shaver Lake trip.
More pictures to come...