Tuesday, March 31, 2009

8 months...

Happy 8 months Bridger!
Uncle Gregor has decided to introduce my boys to all kinds of things I would never give them. He bought Saxon a corndog and dipped it in ketchup (gross), and then he let Bridger suck on a pickle.

We took Bridger back to the doctor yesterday and he said it is RSV, but that once he hits rock bottom (which I'm hoping he already has) then he will start getting better quickly. He already seems to be breathing better, so we think he's on his way back up. We can start cutting back on his nebulizer too (his peace pipe as Uncle Kasen calls it).

Here's some things going on with Bridger at 8 months:

-He can crawl
-He jabbers and says da-da. We had to hold him down to make him breath into the nebulizer in the doctor's office. Instead of just crying, he was telling the nurse off with all kinds of baby talk. He made it clear that he does not like to be held down!
-He is super-strong! It's a wrestling match just to change his diaper.
-He loves big people food (pizza crust is still his favorite).
-Even sick, he's still my happy baby. All smiles!
-He loves the bath. He spashes and giggles and chews on all of Saxon's toys. We're trying to teach Saxon to "trade" him rather than just take everything away.
-He loves to be tossed around and thrown in the air.
-He still doesn't sleep through the night...one day maybe...
-He has two little chompers. It makes him look so big! They're sharp too. Sometimes he chomps on his own hand and gets mad. He bit Uncle Gregor yesterday. He does like having his new little teeth brushed though.

More time with Mom

Sunday morning.
We could only go to sacrament on Sunday because Bridger was too sick to be around other kids in nursery.
Kasen was so disappointed about having to leave early :)
The boys look so handsome all ready for church.
(Bridger isn't quite ready yet...)
Grammy and her boys!
My mom and I in our matching skirts.
I took her up to the "voodoo" doctor on Monday and he told me I get my young looks from her.
I hope I look like her in 20 years! He said I might not like looking young now, but one day I will (he obviously doesn't know how old I am either :)

Monday morning.
We decided to sneak in the dinosaur museum in between my mom's appointment and Bridger's next doctor's appointment.
Gregor decided to come along.
Kasen and Saxon posing in front of the dinosaurs in their matching BYU shirts.
Kasen's football team is the "Cougars" so we thought it was perfect!
Every time Gregor puts Saxon on his shoulders, Saxon gives him a wet willy.
The boys decided to bury themselves in the sand instead of the fossils.
Saxon has to do everything "Uncle Kasen" does.
He has been Kasen's little shadow since they got here.
Gregor kept making grouchy faces, so when we got on his case to smile, this is what we got... Bridger thought it was funny!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sick Boy

My sweet Bridger is so sick! Yesterday he started coughing and my mom thought it sounded like croup. So, I took him to the doctor and they gave him a steroid shot just in case. Then, this morning he woke up wheezing really hard. He sounded like he could hardly breathe. So, I called the on-call doctor and took him in. The doctor had him do a breathing treatment right away because it was so bad. After the treatment she said we should see immediate results, but we didn't. He was still wheezing. He also had an ear infection (which he didn't yesterday when we went in). So, she wrote us an order to go see the respiratory therapist at the hospital and a few prescriptions. She also called IHC home health and a few hours later they delivered Bridger his very own nebulizer. She told us to go back to the doctor to have his oxygen levels checked everyday until he is better.

So, this is my cute sick baby.

He really hates it, but did pretty well as long as Uncle Kasen was making faces at him. I'm not sure what we'll do once Kasen leaves. Hopefully he gets better soon, he had a really rough day!

Time with Grandma

My mom and Kasen are in town!!!
And what happens when Grandma comes to town...
the kids get SPOILED.
First she took everyone to Kangaroo Zoo.
Uncle Kasen taught him all the good moves...
When we got home,
Grandma helped Kasen and Saxon dip strawberries.
And of course, Saxon licked the bowl.
Then Kasen helped him race his Cozy Coupe.
Grandma with Bridger :)
Me and my mom and Bridger.
It's so fun having her in town.
We only get to see her a couple of times a year.
My mom bought me a Chicago Bears championship sweatshirt.
They won the Superbowl when we were living in Chicago in 1985.
We were laughing that it is "vintage" now.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Brookie!!!

Happy Birthday Brookie!
We love you so much!
I was just thinking about you and going through some of my favorite pictures of you.
This is you and Bridger on Halloween cheering for you while you cheer.
Saxon still yells "GO Brookie!" at every football game he sees.
We got to go to two of Brookie's games while we were in California in October.
Saxon kept stealing mom's beads so he could wear them and cheer for Aunt Brookie.
Ok, I know it's sideways...but I like this picture of us...
Chicago trip!
Brookie snuggling Saxon.
Me and Brookie taking Saxon tubing.
He fell asleep :)
Brookie and Saxon cheering for the Cubs at Wrigley Field.
We had front row seats,
it was amazing!
I love you so much Brookie!
You're still my princess.
I can't believe you're 16!
We miss you so much and can't wait to see you!
Happy Sweet 16!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Saturday night we went to the Ogden Rodeo.
It's indoor, so we didn't have to worry about the weather.
Mike and Gregor and Joy came too.
I let Saxon wear his flip-flops
(what was I thinking!)
and he even has cool cowboy boots!
Next time we'll be more prepared.
Next time, we're letting him do the chicken chase and mutton busting.
He could definitely stay on a sheep for 8 seconds.
He just needs to practice once or twice first.
Does anyone have any sheep we could use?
Bridger was more interested in flirting with everyone around us than the rodeo itself :)

Too bad that was the last one or we'd go again.
Joy and Gregor got us really good seats!


Grandma Beth is in town for a painting convention, so Friday night, Me, Nate, the kids, and Gregor and Joy drove up to see her and go to dinner. It was so fun! We hardly ever get to see her so it was great to go to dinner and wander around the mall.
Gregor took this picture and was pretty proud of himself because he got a great smile out of Bridger :)
Gregor and Grandma Beth.
She bought Saxon chocolate dipped marshmallows and "magic magnet rocks."
He was thrilled!
He has been asking about "Ma-ma Bef" everyday since.

Afterward, since we were in Salt Lake, we stopped by to see Grandpa and Grandma Sonnenberg. Saxon kept telling Grandpa to hold Bridger so Nate could help him make castles out of Grandma's magnetic tile (his favorite toy there).

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I went on a mission to Brasil,
(this is a picture we took...it was amazing!)
and my mom, Grandpa & Jenna, and Dad & Deanna came to pick me up.
While they were there, we went to visit this gorgeous little tourist town called Gramado. On the drive up, both sides of the street were lined with hydrangeas,
and I fell in love.
It was breathtaking!
So the flower arrangements at our wedding had hydrangeas.
And today, on our 4th anniversary,
Nate sent me hydrangeas
because he knows that I love them.
He had them delivered at 11:00 a.m. because he knew I would be home because it's Bridger's nap time.
He also had a letter on the computer, waiting for me, because he knew I would turn it on to blog this morning.
The kids and I wanted to bring him lunch today, and when I got in the car, the TWILIGHT soundtrack was playing. He bought it for me because he knows that I love the books.
Then he took us to dinner at Los Hermanos.
It was were we went on our second date,
and he knew I would love it!
Needless to say, Saxon crawled all over him
(he loves his Daddy)
and Nate let him,
because he knows he needs his Daddy.
And Bridger giggled and sampled refried beans.
We're so lucky to have Nate.
He knows us so well, and he pays attention.
He loves us!
I don't ever have to wonder about that,
and neither do the kids.
I hope he knows how much we love him!

Saxon took this picture,
right after finishing off our fried ice cream,
hopefully that explains it.
Earlier in the day we went to Kangaroo Zoo for Caden's 5th Birthday party.
Saxon LOVED it!!!
He's already begging me to go back.
We also spent quite a bit of time pretending to be Captain Hook and the Alligator. Saxon is obviously Captain Hook,
(notice the red coat, "pirate hat",and hook he is holding up)
I was the Alligator saying
TICK, tock, TICK, tock,
and I followed him around.

4 years...

4 years ago today, Nate and I got married
in the Los Angeles Temple.
I can't believe how much has happened since then!
This is us now...
I love Nate more now than I did then
(which at the time I didn't think was possible).
He's my best friend and absolutely perfect for me.
Together, we have 2 sweet boys
and a crazy, busy life!
I'm looking forward to more craziness and eternity of time together!
I love you Nate!!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Little Leprechauns

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
My little leprechauns and I decided to make a St. Patrick's Day dinner tonight, corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. We're going to attempt lemon cheesecake bars for dessert. Yummy!
Unfortunately, one of my little leprechauns woke up sick.
He was even wearing his lucky socks.
This one woke up happy though,
and smiley as ever!

Even though Saxon wasn't feeling good, he still wanted me to take his picture :)
Poor guy, hopefully by tonight he will feel better!