Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Proposal

On Friday, May 21, Gregor proposed to Joy.

She said yes :)

He took her to dinner at "The Roof" at the Joseph Smith Building, and then told her that he wanted to visit Grandma and Grandpa while they were in Salt Lake. Instead of going to their house, he took her up to the roof where we had set up candles and flowers at a table overlooking the view of the Capitol Building.
Then then came downstairs where we were waiting with Grandma and Grandpa and Joy's parents.

We are so excited that they are getting married. We already consider Joy a part of the family, so we can't wait! The kids are excited for Gregor to stay with us for a little while before the wedding :) They miss their Uncle Gregor.

August 14 is the date...

We love you guys so much!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Shrek Forever After

Mike took all of us to see Shrek Forever After in IMAX 3D.
It was so fun!
Both kids sat still through the whole thing and for the most part, kept their glasses on.
Mike even got them each their own Icee.
So lucky!!!

Thanks again Mike! We had so much fun!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cheetos Face

Bridger had been asleep for 3 hours this afternoon, so we went in to check on him and see if he was ok. This is what we found...he was sitting on the changing table, eating a bag of Cheetos:

Of course, Saxon had to join him so they could make silly faces:

My cute guys!
Finally a real smile from Bridger:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Garden: part 1

"We are sowing, daily sowing, countless seeds of good and ill,
Scattered on the level lowlands, Cast upon the windy hill;
Seeds that sink in rich brown furrows, Soft with heaven's gracious rain;
Seeds that rest upon the surface Of the dry, unyielding plain;"

We were finally able to plant our garden this year.
We started a bunch of sprouts a month ago, and then transplanted them to the garden.
We have a double garden this year so we're trying out some new sweet peas :)

"Seeds that fall amid the stillness Of the lovely mountain glen;
Seeds cast out in crowded places, Trodden under foot of men;
Seeds by idle hearts forgotten, Flung at random on the air;
Seeds by faithful souls remembered, Sown in tears and love and prayer;"

Saxon was a good helper and watered everything we planted.
One of our neighbors hasn't planted yet, so he raked their garden and dug up some of their weeds for them.

"Seeds that lie unchanged, unquickened, Lifeless on the teeming mold;
Seeds that live and grow and flourish When the sower's hand is cold.
By a whisper sow we blessings; By a breath we scatter strife.
In our words and thoughts and actions Lie the seeds of death and life."

Bubby ran up and down collecting rocks, and occasionally squashing some poor seedlings.
He did help me plant pumpkins though and did a really good job.

"Thou who knowest all our weakness, Leave us not to sow alone!
Bid thy angels guard the furrows Where the precious grain in sown,
Till the fields are crowned with glory, Filled with mellow, ripened ears,
Filled with fruit of life eternal, From the seed we sowed in tears."

Since Bridger didn't get a nap (you know what that means) and Saxon was having an emotional day, we took a break to swing for a while. I was hoping Bridger would just fall asleep, but he didn't...

The boys wore their "garden boots" so they could stomp around in the mud.
They have matching ones, but Bridger was too sad to let me take a picture:

We're so excited about our garden.
Wish us luck!
If anyone has any good gardening advice or secrets, I would love to hear it...

"We Are Sowing"
LDS Hymn Book #216
This was actually one of my least favorite songs on my mission. I didn't recognize it in English, so my companion, Kristi, sang it for me and we laughed so hard! It turns out it was my least favorite in English and Portuguese. There are some songs that I like better in Portuguese, and some I like better in English. This one was about the same for me in both languages. As I was flipping through the hymn book, I came across this one and read it. It turns out that I do actually like the words as a poem, so here it is :)


We went bowling this afternoon with some friends in our ward.
Saxon is in love with their little Chloe and kept telling her how he knows how to go bowling because he went to Uncle Kenny and Aunt Lisa's wedding.

The boys got to use the ramp and bumpers so that they could knock some pins down.
On each turn, Saxon would look at where the pins are and line the ramp up.
Smart little guy.
Bridger would just push the ball with one finger, but he always managed to knock a bunch of pins down.

Saxon and his vampire teeth from Pops:

Bridger and his "big smile" after knocking most of his pins down.

We hadn't been bowling since Kenny and Lisa's wedding. The kids loved it, and since we went during the day, we were the only ones there (which was really nice). We'll have to go more often. Our friends are fabulous bowlers though, so we're going to have to practice a little first :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bees Game

I don't have any pictures to go with this, but Saturday night, Mike took us to a Bee's Game. The kids LOVED running around on the grass and Mike bought them snow cones. During the 7th inning stretch, Jeff put Saxon on his shoulders to sing "Take Me Out the the Ball Game" and they even made it on the big screen! :) I wish I had been faster with my camera so I could have taken a picture. It was so cute!

Then, the Bee came over to the grass to say hi to everyone. Saxon ran up to say hi and Bridger started making buzzing sounds and pointing. Saxon got a high five from the Bee and Bridger got his hand autographed. It says "Bee". He loved it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


These two are crazy together.
Bridger crawled out of his crib and onto the changing table.
Then Saxon decided to join him.
Nate kept taking pictures trying to get a cute smile out of both of them at the same time, and this is how it turned out:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Road Trip

One of the highlights of a road trip with my mom is the motor home.
We buckle in Bubby, Saxon watches movies with Uncle Kasen, and I get to rest on the big bed in the back. Grammie always keeps her motor home clean, smelling good, and stocked with treats.
Here's Bridger enjoying some oreos:

Saxon and Uncle Kasen sleeping on the top bed. I think by the little smirk, that Saxon is fake sleeping...

Bridger reached into my purse and got out his sunglasses to pose for Aunt Brookie.
He kept doing his "big smiles" for her.
She said that one day he will look back and wonder why he looks terrified in every picture :)

Once we got back to Grammie's house, it was time for baths.
Uncle Kenny and Aunt Lisa gave us a yummy bubble bath for Mother's Day and we decided to try it out:

"Smiles" from both my sweethearts:

And, the clean boy...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Lake Webb

For Mother's Day Weekend, we drove down to California to spend the weekend at Lake Webb with my Mom for her birthday. The kids had so much fun! We stopped on the way there and spent some time with Josh and Brooks and the kids and then let the kids sleep in the "big castle" aka Whiskey Pete's. They LOVE the castle! On the way back we drove the whole way through which I thought was going to be really miserable, but it wasn't too bad. We met Brooks at McDonald's and let the kids play for a few hours. They got all of their energy out and then slept for a few hours after that. It was wonderful!

So, here is Lake Webb 2010:

Saxon refused to come to dinner because he just wanted to drive in the boat again with Grandpa Gregg. He sat on the blanket and held the boat keys. He wouldn't even take off his life jacket because he was hoping that someone would take him boating. Finally Ryan enticed him to come over to the table by cooking ribs, and apparently, my kids LOVE ribs!

Saxon went tubing with Kasen and Cailey and almost fell asleep.

Then, Nate took Saxon and Bridger tubing.
Kasen was my fabulous photographer!
Later, Saxon went on the Jimmy Jam all by himself!
He was so brave! Bubby held the flag for him.
Maybe at Shaver we will get him up on skis...

Another highlight of the trip...Aunt Lori's "little doggy."
Saxon would do anything as long as we promised him that he could hold Aunt Lori's little doggy afterward. He kept refusing to say "Aunt Lori" for us. He called her "the black lady" because she kept wearing black, and he called Courtney "Cailey's friend". It was so funny. Finally, but the end of the weekend, he gave in and started calling them by their real names.

The Beach:
Our campsite was right on the water with a huge shade tree in the middle. It was perfect! Here are some pictures of us just hanging out on the beach:
(Bubby loving his potato salad)

(Saxon, Cailey, Bridger, Kasen)

(Grammie and Saxy, and Me and my Brookie)

(Aunt Brookie sunbathing with Saxy)

(Me with Ryan and Brookie)

(Cailey, Kasen, and Saxon sunbathing)

(Saxon floated out to the boat and hooked up the tube all by himself so that someone could take him tubing)

Thanks so much Mom for inviting us and taking care of us and the kids the whole time! We love you so much and hope you had a great Mother's Day and Birthday!!! We love you!