Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Artwork

Here's some pictures of all of our February artwork and what the boys have been learning about:

Saxon learned about Groundhog's Day, and he had a 100's party at school.
On his star, he had to write what he would want 100 of...
he said "Donuts".

Saxon loves when he has the chance to draw in church too, and he takes it very seriously.
This is from his lesson last week:
Bridger had a Valentine's Party this month (and Nate was able to go volunteer).
He also made a sock-snake for Chinese New Year and he loves it!

They also studied the human heart and I thought Bridger's picture was really good.
Usually he just scribbles, but this time he actually tried to draw something.
I was really proud of him!
A monkey counting game and Lincoln's log cabin:

They learned about their teeth, and they learned about the Presidents.
Bridger really enjoyed learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and he spent the rest of the day telling me about them.
It's funny because different things resonate with different kids.
I thought it was cute that this is what he really paid attention to.

Dalton had a busy month too!
He made a butterfly at field trip Friday...

and he did some rubbing from coins at Bridger's preschool.

This is his drawing from nursery.
He was freaking out that I left and so his nursery leader decided to draw Star Wars with him and he loved it!  He carried it around with him for days!

Chinese New Year Calendar:
In Bridger's class, they learned about Chinese New Year.  Bridger was so excited to be the year if the RAT.  His teacher said he was the only kid excited about being a rat LOL.

The next week, Britt came over to go with us to Gymnastics.  We were telling her about Bridger being the rat, and she started looking up everyone on her phone.  Saxon was the dog (and he was thrilled) but he wanted someone else to be a dog too.  Luckily we discovered that Brittany's brother Dylan is also a dog, so Saxon isn't alone.

Baby Dalton Gregor and Big Gregor are both the year of the Tiger :)

The kids wanted to look up Aunt Brookie and thought it was hilarious to discover that she's a rooster.  
Bridger said "Ha ha, Aunt Brookie (although he said Burkie) is a Brooster!  What's a Brooster?"  
I told him that it's a boy chicken who says "cock-a-doodle-doo!"
Bridger: "Oh I know, a wood knocker."
Me: "A what?"
Bridger: "You know, the bird that knocks on wood with this nose."
Me: "I think that's a different bird."
Bridger: "No, it's the same.  Ha ha, Aunt Burkie is a Brooster who knocks wood with her face!"

It was so funny!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Sunday Dinner

 Sunday dinner is one of my favorite times during the week.
I put more preparation and planning into Sunday dinner than into week-day dinners, and Nate is home to help, and Mike comes over.

So, whenever we have a Sunday dinner before a holiday, we try to do something extra-special.  This week I planned a "Valentine's Sunday Dinner."

I saw an idea on pinterest for "Valentine's floats."
It was vanilla ice cream, diet pomegranate 7-UP (or you could use cherry 7-UP), and a licorice for a straw.

My kids LOVED it!  They thought it was so funny!  They loved drinking out of licorice straws, and they loved that the ice cream made the soda foam up over the top of their glass.

For dinner we made copy-cat Cafe Rio pork salads.
 Bridger was so into his drink that he wouldn't look at me.
Dalton makes his goofy face every time the camera turns to him.
I think he anticipates the flash, so he closes his eyes before I even take the picture.

More Dalton crazy faces:
My sweet Saxon:
For a treat we also made stained glass cookies.
I used to make them as a kid at my Grandpa and Jenna's house.
Jenna knows how to make them, but I've never made them without her.
This was a first attempt, but they turned out pretty good!
 The boys loved filling their cookies with all the different colors.

And this is how they turned out:
They were so much fun to make!
Later that night I kept finding cookies with the "stained glass" missing out of the middle of them.  It turns out that Bridger like the candy better than the cookie so he was eating the middles out of them and then putting them back.

Can't wait for Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

100 days of school!

On Thursday, Saxon made it to 100 days of school and had a party!  They each had to bring 100 of something that would be good in a class trail mix.  Saxon picked 100 pretzel m&ms.  They also made necklaces with 100 fruit loops, made 100 glasses, and a train that counted to 100 by 10's.  He had such a great day at his 100's party!  Congratulations Saxy!  More than halfway done with kindergarten!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bridger's January Artwork

Bridger had a lot of great artwork for the month of January, but wasn't thrilled about posing for pictures with all of his art:
He did a great job though!  I loved everything he brought home :)