Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring Break

During Spring Break, we tried to do something fun every day since we didn't go out of town.  Twice we went to Jump on It, we rode Front-Runner up to Salt Lake with Mike and went to dinner and to walk around City Creek, and we went bowling with some friends of ours.  It was a busy week and the boys had fun.  We were all sad when it was over.  I like when the boys are out of school and we can do whatever we want :)
(On the train on the way to SLC)

Monday, April 29, 2013

March Artwork

During March, Saxon made an Easter Bunny at his class party, a George Washington/Abraham Lincoln, a Leprechaun and a Dr. Seuss hat :) 
Bridger made a rocket (for the letter R) and Easter Bunny, a Zombie Space picture, a koala, a kangaroo, a kite, a Leprechaun, a gate, a lion/lamb, a hippo, and an elephant.

Dalton made a little chick during field trip Friday, and then Ms. Nettie let him participate in Bridger's class party and he made a bunny, an Easter bunny bag, and he even got to go on the Easter egg hunt.  He loved it!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I felt like Easter snuck up on me this year.
I am usually way more prepared.
There was a lot of last minute rushing around to pull it together, but I think it turned out alright.

First we dyed Easter eggs: 

The kids had been stinkers the week of Easter, so the night before Saxon confessed that he was afraid the Easter Bunny was only going to leave bunny poop and no baskets.  I told him I was afraid that might happen too.  We really need to work on our listening skills at our house.

So on Easter morning, Saxon woke us up at 7 a.m. because he just couldn't wait any more.
We then had to wake up Bridger and Dalton (who wasn't feeling good so he wasn't sure he cared enough to get up at all).  We all walked out there and lucky for the boys, the Easter bunny did come!

The big boys got Skippyjon Jones books and a movie, and Dalton got a marshmallow shooter gun.  The big boys got marshmallow guns for Christmas and he has been wanting one ever since...
And of course, everyone got candy...
And no one felt like taking a normal picture for me...

After eating way too much candy, and finding all of the eggs, the boys snuggled up to turn on one of their new movies.  We had some time since they got up before the sun...
Since I waited way too long to look for Easter outfits for them, everything was sold out.
Luckily, my mom came to the rescue and found these yummy colored shirts for them and sent them to me.  I love spring colors so I loved them, and everyone at church commented on how great they looked!  Saxon and Bridger both begged "don't give me the pink one!"  when I opened the box, but Dalton likes pink so he was happy to wear it.

Of course I had no luck at getting a decent picture...

And poor Dalton had a horrible ear infection so I was lucky that he was even willing to stand in these pictures.  He was feeling awful.

One of our favorite Easter traditions is smashing the Mexican, confetti-filled Easter eggs at each other.  This year Nate brought home 3 dozen and we went through all of them!
It actually sort of feels like someone is breaking a glass over your head.
They smashed one into Aunt BB before we had a chance to warn her that they hurt.
The kids were extra spoiled this year because Aunt BB came!  She has had to work on every single holiday so we were really excited that she could make it this time.  She even brought Easter presents for the kids.  Later, as a surprise for her, Saxon collected all of the Easter grass from all of the baskets, as well as some eggs, and some candy wrappers, and made a "nest" on top of her car.  LOL.  Good thing she has a good sense of humor.
Then Mike came over and told the kids that the Easter Bunny accidentally left something for them at his house.  They all went out to his car and each came back with a Red Bull.  Mike!  We then had to explain to the boys that energy drinks are bad for little bodies.  So of course they immediately wanted to know why Uncle Gregor gets to drink so many of them.  Great.  So we tried re-explaining that they are not good for kids' bodies but Uncle Gregor is a grown up and if he wants to drink 100+ ounces of soda a day, its up do him :)

Another visit to Mike's car and the kids came back with a new game each (that they were very excited about and made them forget all about the Red Bull), and a package of bacon for Bridger (who loves bacon but I never make it) and a Bengals T-shirt for Dalton of their quarterback "Andy Dalton".  It's too big but he loves it so he wouldn't take it off for 2 days.  Now I'm washing it so that he can put it right back on.
After all the fun, we had a big Easter dinner.  It was so much fun having Mike and Brittany over.  It felt like a real Easter party!   Such a fun day!!!