Wednesday, March 28, 2012

February and March Art

Here is February Art and half of the March Art:

Valentine's Day:

Saxon's commitment to do things to strengthen his heart:

Valentine's Day Hat:

President's Day:

Did March come in like a LION or a LAMB?

The KITE and the KOALA for "K" week:

The "How do I get from here to there?" book:

Saxon is so smart and so creative!  He LOVES art and is always trying to prove that he "got Grandma Beth's talent" :)  He is also a big helper in class.  Last week his teacher said that all of the kids were acting up in class except for Saxon.  She said that she loves him.  I told him that and he said "Yep, I know!  She does!"  He is so confident!  I love it!  The kid is fearless!

He is also hilarious!
-Today I asked who drew on the mirror in what looks like lipstick?  Saxon started smirking.  I said "It was you, wasn't it?"  He said "No...I'm just smiling like this because...because...because I love you...that's why!"
-All day he has been singing a song about "soft vowels" except he keeps saying "bells" instead of "vowels" and calling all of the letters "soft bells".
-Mike came over tonight and brought mini-Murph pizza's from Papa Murphy's for the kids.  The kids have been calling them "smurfer" pizzas.  Bridger was the first one to say "smurfer" but Saxon translated for me :)
-Saxon can be a HUGE helper when he wants to.  Tonight, Bridger was sick and started throwing up.  I rushed him off to the bathroom.  While I was taking care of Bridger, I could hear banging around in the kitchen.  Then Saxon comes running around the corner with a bowl (for Bridger to throw up in) and a towel (for me to clean up the puke).  He is so smart!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


The other day I put Dalton down for his nap but he didn't fall asleep.
Instead he kept calling for me.
Finally I went in and he pointed to this:
He took off his diaper and pooped in his crib!
I told him to give me a sad face:
Maybe it's time to potty train :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

This year we celebrated St. Patrick's Day for 3 days!
On Friday, Saxon had to wear green for his St. Patrick's Day party at school.
On Saturday we wore green because it really was St. Patrick's Day.
On Sunday we cooked our traditional St. Patrick's Day dinner.

Bridger was not happy that I made him wear this.
He wanted to wear his "comfy pants" with no undies and no shirt (his standard outfit).

Every year we get St. Patrick's Day socks:
This is what happens when I ask the boys to each kiss Dalton on the cheek:

Me and my cute boys:

On our way out to dinner with Nate's parents:
So in love with my cute boys!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Leprechaun Trap Cake

The night before St. Patrick's Day, the boys and I built a Leprechaun Trap Cake.
We made a rainbow cake in a bundt pan and covered it in green frosting.
We put pretzel sticks across the middle and gold coins on top.
That way, the leprechaun would try to get the gold coins, and fall through the trap into the hole in the middle of the we could catch him :)
The boys made a sign letting the leprechaun know that there was a rainbow in the cake:

The next morning, the boys got up early to check their trap.
That sneaky little leprechaun had eaten his way out of the cake:

The boys got up before us to check the trap.  Saxon decided that since the leprechaun had already had some cake, he might as well help himself to cake also.
He used the bamboo skewer to shave a section off of the cake for him and Bridger and Dalton.  We didn't know what was going on until Dalton crawled into our bed that morning covered in green frosting...
Then, while I was in the shower, they decided that the leprechaun trap cake would be a great hideout for Luke Skywalker and Han Solo:
What a mess!  I asked the boys who did it and Saxon told me that it was him.
He said, "You're trap didn't work should have done my idea!"
(His idea was to build a crane with a box on it that would be triggered by a sensor when the leprechaun walked under it and would drop the box on top of the leprechaun)
He dreams big!

Monday, March 19, 2012

7 yeas ago

7 years ago today...Nate and I got married.
I remember counting down every day until our wedding day.
I was so excited!
Every girl dreams of her wedding day and it seems so surreal when it finally happens.

I can't believe it was 7 years ago!!!

We got married in the LA Temple which I was what I always wanted...
My Aunt Lori did the photography and my Aunt Janet did the food (which was how I always wanted it).  My friends and family came from out of state to be there with me.  You would never know it was raining on us in this picture :)
Then we spent 8 AMAZING days in Hawaii!
It went way too fast!
7 years later =
3 kids
1 minivan
1 townhouse
 and a lot of memories!
Happy Anniversary Nate!  I love you!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Well, I can't call this Dalton's "first" haircut since Brittany's been cutting it since he was a baby.  But, this is his first "big boy haircut."  No more baby hair for baby Dalton.

At first he loved the attention from everyone:

The clippers made him giggle:

Then he decided that he did not like getting his haircut.  He didn't like getting hair on him and when he cried, he got hair in his mouth:

My poor sad baby!
But, Aunt BB is quick and she gave him kisses and bribed him with Starburts.
He cheered right up and smiled for his "after" picture:

My cute big boy!
He even helped sweep up all the hair:

Everyone commented on his hair at church on Sunday.
They said he now looks exactly like his brothers :)
Good thing his brothers are so cute!
We love you baby Dalton!!!