Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Recording Studio

Mike's friend Tom has a recording studio and he invited the boys to come and sing a few songs.  It was such an amazing experience!  The boys practiced their favorite songs before we got there, and they told all of their friends that they were going to be rockstars that day.  Saxon came home from school and said "my friends don't believe me."  But he really was a rockstar.  Look how awesome he looks all ready to sing!
Saxon did such an amazing job!  He listened and followed all of Tom's instructions.  He sang and re-sang when he had to.  When he first got in there, they asked him if he wanted me to stay with him in the room and he said "no".  He wanted to be a rockstar all by himself LOL.  He's definitely independent!
Even Dalton had a turn.  He knows the whole song to "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree" but he wouldn't sing it.  He just did some heavy breathing and some giggling into the microphone.  Finally he whispered "Merry Christmas."
Bridger shocked me!  I thought there was no way that he would cooperate and sing a song.  Bridger is really shy, and really stubborn.  You can't make him do anything.  But after seeing Saxon do it, he got in there and sang the whole song.  It was amazing!  I was soooo proud of him!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Gingerbread Man

A few days ago Mike brought over a box of Gingerbread Men for the boys to make.
They love the story of the gingerbread man so this was perfect!

Bubby made his right away because he wanted to eat it:
 Saxon took a lot of time and was really meticulous, and Dalton tried to copy him.
 When Dalton finished, I said "Look at the camera!" and this is what he did:
 Then I had to clarify, "SMILE" and this is what we got:
 For the third try I said, "Dalton, open your eyes!"
And so of course, this is what I got:
Poor guy was getting confused at this point...
 Fourth try looks a little stressed so we stopped there:
 But this is how his awesome gingerbread boy turned out:

 The first thing they wanted to do when they finished was eat them :)

 And here is Saxon's masterpiece.  He worked really hard on it and spent a lot of time.  He's so artistic!
 Saxon and the gingerbread man:
 I was feeling kind of bummed that we hadn't gotten around to making gingerbread houses this year.  We have just been soooo busy!  But Mike saved the day with the gingerbread men :)

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas silhouettes

My friend Nettie made this for me:
Aren't they amazing!!!
I love them!  I love the looks on all of their faces.  Saxon was concentrating really hard on doing exactly what Nettie wanted.  Bridger kept smiling because he couldn't help it.  And Dalton, kept puckering his lips.  It was hilarious! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ward Christmas Party

Our Ward Christmas Party this year was so fun!
They had a "North Pole" room set up where the kids could go see Santa and then they got a treat from Santa's elves.

Dalton wouldn't go near Santa, but Bridger went back a second time because he forgot to tell him something :) 

After Santa we had dinner and then the primary children put on a Nativity presentation.
It was darling!!
Saxon was asked to be a part of it and he was sooooo excited about it!
He was one of the wise men.
He took his job very seriously.
My neighbor even has the real costumes for all of the Nativity characters.
Saxon loved the wise man costume and asked her if he could come over some day and play dress up with the costumes.

We ended up being one of the last to leave because Nate stayed to help clean up and the kids wanted to run around with all of their friends for as long as we'd let them.
We really have such a great ward, we're so lucky :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bridger's Christmas Program

On Friday, Bridger had his preschool Christmas program.
Bridger didn't see his teacher right away when we walked in, and he immediately decided that he was NOT going to participate.  Finally, Ms. Nettie got there and bribed him with four pieces of candy if he would do it :) 

So he did, but this is what he thought about it: 

Finally a smile!
I think this was after they sang "Thriller Snowman" because that is his favorite song.

Shaking his jingle bells.
This was one of only two songs that he participated in.
Bridger is really shy, and instead of just acting shy, he acts grouchy.
So, I was really thrilled that he went up there (even if he glared at me for most of the time) because it was really out of his comfort zone.
Bridger really goes to the best preschool EVER!
They go all out for everything!

I love this face!
The last time he saw Santa, he wouldn't go near him, so once again, he was being very brave!
We're so proud of Bridger!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Polar Express

A family in our ward runs the Polar Express every year with their family in Lindon.
They invited all of us to make reservations and come visit the Polar Express.
 It was So. Much. Fun.!

Here's Bridger on the train:  
The train wrapped around the neighborhood and then arrived at the North Pole.
The kids got to sit on Santa's lap and then they each got a bell on a necklace and a candy cane.  After our whole train had a chance to see Santa, then Santa started telling us about the true meaning of Christmas and we all sang Silent Night together as the elves walked us back out to the train.
Bridger didn't want to sit on Santa's lap, but he got a jingle bell and a candy anyway :)

Once we got back on the train, it took us around to see huge pictures of the life of Jesus.
It was amazing!
At the end, they had tables and cards set up where everyone could write letters to missionaries or soldiers in the armed forces.

Then there were more pictures of Christ as we walked out.
(Dalton dressed himself.  He likes to accessorize so he brought a hat)

It was such a fun night, I'm so glad we got to go!

Monday, December 17, 2012

November Artwork

I'm running so behind on my blog lately!
Here is the November Artwork:

Scarecrow and Indian.
Bridger said his Indian was really a zombie?

Hand-print place-mat from his Thanksgiving feast:
Superhero identity card:
Bridger's Thanksgiving Menu plan:
Bridger is thankful for the moon :)


 I could not talk this boy into putting on a shirt!
Here he is showing off his turkey and his pilgrims:

Saxon had to disguise a turkey so it didn't get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner.
He chose to make his look like a secret spy (like Men in Black)
Aunt Melinda came over to help us and it turned out pretty good :)

Saxon's pumpkin and his gingerbread man:
Popsicle stick pumpkin:
And here he drew how a seed turns into a pumpkin.
Smart boy :)
And Saxon showing off his Halloween ghost and bat:
My boys are pretty artistic!