Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!
(I know I'm posting these late, but my computer hasn't been working)
We hope everyone had a great Christmas!
Here's some pictures from our Christmas:

This was such a fun Christmas because both kids were REALLY into it!
They loved everything they got. My parents are so good to us on Christmas. My kids were really spoiled and loved every minute of it. Thank you so much!!!

Jeff and Meg stopped by on Christmas to visit for a little bit too.
Jeff brought Saxon a 1 pound, 2 headed gummy snake with a gummy rat in each of the mouths.
My boys were in heaven!
Saxon ate the gummy rats first and then Bridger walked around with the snake around his neck randomly biting pieces out of the body. Eventually he bit right through, and now we have 2 gummy snakes.
We laughed SO hard over it. Thanks Jeff & Meg!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Picture a Christmas

The week before Christmas, we went to my cousin Scott's wedding reception.
Here are some cute pictures from that night:
(Aunt Janet, Amy, Grandma Beth, Me, Jenna, with Sadie, Sid, & Saxon in front)

(Amy, Jenna, Me)

Some picture my Grandpa Roy took of us:
(This was the night Saxon was begging Grandpa and Jenna to take him to McDonalds).

The Sunday before Christmas, we helped the kids make little nativity pictures in nursery.
This is Saxon's:
(It has the words to "Picture a Christmas" on it and Saxon loves that song!)

On Christmas Eve, Jared, Janalee, and the kids came over for dinner. We made some wassail (a first for me), and some yummy recipes that my Grandma Beth gave me.
After dinner, the kids decorated gingerbread cookies (Saxon made gingerbread sandwich cookies out of his) and then we watched a Christmas slide show of the Savior's life that my Dad made for us and also the church Nativity movie. It was so much fun to have family over and Saxon LOVES having his cousins around.
Christmas Eve was kind of a crazy day. Nate woke up with a lot of pain in his neck and didn't know what was wrong. Jared drove all the way from Heber to come take him to instacare so I could keep the kids at home. It turn out that Nate injured his neck doing too much heavy lifting at Walgreens. After they got back from the doctor, Jared stayed at our house for a while because Janalee was already on her way with the kids. He played with the kids the whole time while I cooked and Nate rested. He played this game with the kids were they would climb into a cardboard box and Jared would wish for something for Christmas. When he opened the box, the boys would pop out acting like whatever Jared had wished for. My favorite was when Jared wished for an "earthworm" and Saxon didn't know what that was, so he came out started to nibble on Jared's arm. Apparently he was a "man-eating-earthworm." When Janalee got there, she and I stayed back to get everything ready while Jared took all of the kids to Cabelas and Nate slept. When they left that night, Saxon kept crying, "Uncle Jared need a come back. I need him!" It was really cute. Right before bed, we let each of the boys open one gift. It was jammies to sleep in that night. Saxon got "Green Eggs and Ham" jammies and he started to recite almost the whole book from memory. He's a smart boy. Bridger got car's jammies but I made him sleep in his Santa jammies instead. I love my sweet boys!!! We sang "Picture a Christmas" and then tucked them in so "Prep and Landing" Elves could come get our house ready :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Holly Days...

On December 23, we had our annual Christmas Party planned with our friends.
Before we left, my Grandparents stopped by to say hi and see the kids.
When they walk in, Grandpa says,
"Wow Bridger, I can see you've been losing weight" and then he laughs.
Grandpa calls him "husky" and said that he gets it from him :)
It was so fun to visit with them and hear all of their stories. They remember everything!
They gave the kids bath body paint for Christmas and it has been a HUGE hit! They love it!
We love you guys! Thanks for stopping by!

After Nate got home from work, we went to Andi's house for the party.
Here's all the kids sitting on top of the couch waiting for dinner...

Every time I took a picture of any of the kids, I would say "SMILE" and inevitably get some kind of crazy face instead. Check them out:

The kids were SO excited to finally get to open some presents.
Bridger kept giving it back like he wasn't sure we were really going to let him rip into it.

Holly made the boys' these cute scarfs.
Saxon tied his around his waist and thanked Holly for the Handy Manny belt.
We tied Bridger's to match but he looked like a little sumo with because it kept getting caught between his legs. It was so funny!

The girls' picture:
Andi and her twins (due in April), Holly, me.

My Family:
My kids refused to cooperate until Holly told Saxon that she wouldn't take him to McDonald's anymore if he wouldn't smile.
I love my friends!
We've been friends since 2000 when Andi got home from Romania and I was preparing to go.
We were roommates after that, and have been friends ever since. Now our kids and husbands are all friends and I love that we still get together all of the time.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Tis the Season

We've been noticing recently, that someone has been dismantling our tree every time we turn around.
I think we caught the culprit:

Apparently, he has also been into the chocolate:

On Thursday, we were lucky enough to have Grandpa Roy and Jenna stop by.
Right when they got here, Saxon asked them to take him to McDonald's and they said "Sure."
McDonald's is a special treat for my kids, so they were thrilled.
Saxon got to ride in their car and begged them to take him home with them.
Grandpa said "But your mom might be sad if you leave."
So Saxon looked at me and said, "Don't you cry Mom, I'm goin' with Grandpa and Jenna."
Earlier Saxon told Grandpa that he could have Bridger if he wanted him.

The next day at Scott's wedding reception, Saxon kept begging/demanding that Grandpa take him back to McDonald's. Aunt Janet gave him the idea to ask Grandpa for money for McDonald's instead. He said "ok" and off he went to beg for money. He managed to get $1 from Grandpa and $5 from Jenna and they promised him that I would take him to McDonald's. We haven't gone yet, but he begs me everyday and reminds me that Grandpa and Jenna said so. :) It was so fun to see you guys!!! Thanks for being so good to my kids. They loved it!

Last week we also went to Temple Square to see the lights.
Saxon was kind of sleepy, but Bridger loved it!
His eyes were huge as he looked around at everything.
It was beautiful!
We passed the statue of Joseph Smith getting the priesthood and Nate asked Saxon if he knew what was happening. Saxon said "yes, that boy is sick and getting a blessing." It was so cute!

Other funny stories:
-Saxon and Bridger were jumping on the bed and Bridger tripped and hit his head. I picked him up and Saxon says: "Mom! Him need a blessing. You do it like this..." Then he closed his eyes and put his hands out in front of him and said, "Dear Heavenly Father, please bless Bridger Dean Gailey." Then he opened his eyes and said, "Like that Mom. That's how you do a blessin'. Now call Dad."
-The boys turned on animal planet and were watching a special on camels. Afterwards Saxon tells me, "Mom, I need one of thems. I need a ask Pops. Him probably have one in his backyard. Him have a dog too." I laughed and called my Dad to add "live camel" to Saxon's ever growing Christmas list.
-Anytime anyone asks a question Bridger says "Hmmm" and taps his chin like he's thinking of the answer. We always laugh and so he keeps doing it.
-Bridger can moo like a cow, make fishy noises, make a really good elephant noise, and growl like a lion. He also shakes his head no at me all the time! He is constantly taking the ornaments off my Christmas tree and popping them in his mouth. He is so FUNNY! Gregor thinks that he'll turn out to be as funny as Saxon.
-Last night, both boys went to bed at 7:00 and then Bridger started to cry at 11:00 which woke up Saxon. Saxon started covering his ears and saying "take him out!" So I took Bridger out and put him in my bed and then went to try and tuck Saxon back in. When I got back to my room, Bridger was leaning against my pillow flipping through PEOPLE magazine and laughing at the pages like he knew what was happening. It was so funny! However, it took forever to get him back to sleep and then Saxon was up til 4:00 a.m. That part was NOT funny!