Friday, August 31, 2012

More soccer

We've been loving this season of soccer.
Not only are all of the kids friends on their team, but both boys are getting so much better! 
Last year Saxon was just barely starting to understand, and Bridger didn't even like to play.
Saxon volunteers for everything so he often ends up playing for the other team when they don't have enough players.
He also get to kick the ball in a lot because he is the first one to volunteer :)
Bridger kicking the ball in...
During our last game, the ball came to Bridger and he starting dribbling it and he made it all the way done the field!  We were cheering so loud because we were so proud of him!
This year he likes to be out there with his team and he plays almost the whole game every week.
Saxon playing goalie:
I think he begs to play goalie when he gets tired LOL.
So proud of my boys!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Saxon's 6th Birthday Party

On Friday we had Saxon's 6th birthday party.
He wanted to have a pool party and invite all of his friends.
We invited all of his best friends and we swam from 5-9 p.m.
They were wiped out by the end!

Saxon wanted his cake to be a tennis cake because
"Tennis is my favorite sport!"
I'm pretty sure he's never played tennis before, but he did see a little bit at the Olympics and now it is his favorite sport...
Saxon loved having all of his friends there with him!

Saxy and Aunt BB:

Baby Dalton lounging on Andi's raft:
Ms. Nettie came with her family and brought Bridger a huge lollipop!
Saxon opening presents :)
We had so much fun that we even gained a few extra kids during the party.
Some neighbor kids that we didn't know came to join the fun :)
Saxon loved every minute of it!
Thanks so much for everyone who came!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Saxon's 6th Birthday

Saxon turned 6 on August 20th!
I can't believe it has been six years since my baby was born.

We just played and went to the pool during the day.
When Daddy got home from work, and Mike came over, we opened a few presents.
Mike got Saxon "Jordan's" to wear to kindergarten!
He was so excited about them that he wanted to take some pictures to document it:

For months now, when we asked Saxon what he wanted to do for his birthday, he would say "go to Texas Roadhouse to sit on the saddle, and get a new video game."
So, that's exactly what we did :)

Brittany and Mike both came to make a big deal about our 6 year old!

Me and my boy.

Mike and Saxon dressed like twins LOL.
They are both wearing basketball shoes :)
Happy birthday to my crazy, sweet, funny, wonderful boy!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was the first day of kindergarten!!!
Saxon was so excited that he woke up at 7 a.m.
All of his best friends are in his class and he couldn't be more excited!

The worst part of the whole thing...
Mom making him stand here and take this stupid picture.
The look on his face isn't 'afraid for school', it's 'leave me alone!'
But, he was sweet enough to humor me for this cute picture:
We walked to school with his friend Claire and his friend Angelo.
And of course Bridger and Dalton :)
Poor Dalton was strapped in the stroller the whole time though.
And I made sure to be one of those annoying moms who walked their kid into the classroom to get one last picture :)
Happy First Day of Kindergarten!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Double Birthday

Last Saturday, Jenna was in town and took us to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.
We told them that we were celebrating 2 birthdays because Britt's b-day is on the 17th and Saxon's is on the 20th.

 They brought the saddle out and Saxon was so excited to sit on it and have everyone shout out for his birthday!
Brittany was less excited (esp. since she was wearing a skirt) but was still a good sport and sat on the saddle.
Afterward, Saxon was so happy and asked if we could do that again on the 20th for his birthday!  He's so funny.  It looks like we'll be heading back to Texas Roadhouse in a few days...  :)

After dinner, Jenna took us to the movies to see Hunger Games.
It was so fun!
Saxon and Bridger loved it!
Dalton was so wild that poor Nate took him out for the entire movie.
I'm so lucky to be married to Nate.
He's the best dad ever

Thanks Jenna for the fun night out!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Spontaneous Roadtrip

Last week, Gregor called and asked if I wanted to drive to CA with him and Joy.
I wasn't sure if I really wanted to, since Nate wouldn't be able to go, and we had just barely come back from CA.  But, we really had nothing else going on, so I said sure.

Gregor insisted that we not tell my mom.  He wanted it to be a surprise.  We told Brookie instead so at least someone would know we were coming.

When we finally got there, Gregor parked the car across the street and asked me if I thought mom would notice the car.  I said "no."  Even if she did notice, she wouldn't think it was mine.

Brookie was home and it turned out that my mom was babysitting her friends' rats, so the kids got to play with those.  When my mom got home from church, it was so funny to see her face.  Kasen had noticed the van and pointed it out and said "That's Cait's van!"  My mom told him it wasn't.  He said "It has Utah plates!"  My mom still said it wasn't.  Then he said, "I know her license plate...that's her car!"  My mom insisted that it wasn't.  Kasen walked in the door and said "They're here!"  She still didn't believe him until she came in and saw everyone for herself.  It was so funny!!
Gregor and Joy are so fun because they are always up for anything.
We got there on Sunday and had a BBQ.

On Monday, we all headed down to the beach.
We spent the day there with my mom and Kasen and Brooke and her boyfriend.
Then my mom took Kasen home to football and we went to my dad's house.
We all showered and changed our clothes and then my Dad let the kids pick oranges.
It was fun.  We kids never go to my Dad's house so they thought it was fun to explore.
The boys loved the beach!
They found seashells, dug up sand crabs, made sand castles, and chased the waves.
They all loved the water even though it was freezing!
My kids love their Uncle Kasen too.
I keep asking Kasen what it would take to get him to move in with me.
He said dinner at Panda Express.
As soon as I get a bigger house, I am really going to start begging him.
He is so much fun, so helpful, so sweet, and I would love to have him around always!

While we were at my Dad's house, we discovered who Bridger looks like...
There was a picture of Gregor at my Dad's house that looks exactly like Bridger!
I walked by it and did a double-take and then told Brookie.
She laughed and said that she had just finished saying the same thing.
Gregor looks like my Dad, and Bridger looks like Gregor, and they all act alike.
Bridger is really picky about clothes, and fabric and the things he wears.
It's a little OCD.
I was telling my Dad about it and Deanna laughed because my Dad is the same way.
I told Gregor and Joy started laughing because Gregor is the same way.
Bridger looks more like my side of the family than Nate's, but not really like me.
It was fun to see how much he looks like Gregor!

Poor Dalton took his shirt off at the beach and got fried!
I felt like the worst mom in the world.
I didn't re-sunscreen him because it was kind of chilly, and I thought we were leaving soon.  His back was so red that for the next few days if anything touched him he would cry "owie!  Back..."  I felt so horrible!

Two peas in a pod.
They get along like brothers and sometimes fight like brothers.
They even wear their bathing suits the same way.
Please come back and live with us Kasen...
After the beach and a brief stop at my Dad's house, we met Deanna in Camarillo and went to get fish tacos.  We stayed for hours and talked and the boys devoured cinnamon tortilla chips.

For the rest of our quick trip, we swam a LOT in my mom's pool, watched Kasen's football practice, swam some more, went to lunch with Grandma Beth, and swam again.
Yep, we spent pretty much the whole time in the pool.
Saxon and Bridger are two little swimming fish, and Brookie was working with Dalton trying to teach him to swim too.
He's fearless, so if she had a little more time with him, she probably could have had him swimming :)
In the beginning, I wasn't really sure I wanted to do another road trip, but it turned out to be really fun.  The kids were pretty good, and we had a blast at my mom's house.  And it really was fun to surprise her!

We did have a few little adventures on the way there though.
Before we even made it to Springville, Dalton threw up.
By Fillmore, Gregor wasn't feeling good and had to stop at a gas station.
We were there for a while because I was cleaning up the car and getting Sprite and crackers for the baby and everyone had to go to the bathroom.
We stopped again in Mesquite to get gas and the lines were forever long!
Gregor bought the boys each a sprite.
Around Baker, Saxon started freaking out that he had to pee.
Gregor pulled over on the side of the road and he peed in the dirt.
Back on the freeway...
Ten minutes later, Saxon has to pee.
Gregor is threatening to make him pee in the bottle, but finally pulls over again.
I think we're home free, when 10 minutes later, Saxon has to pee!
Now Gregor is really mad and Saxon is crying (mostly drama) because he has to pee so bad.
So we pull over...again!
Then we had to stop for the agricultural check.
Then by Barstow, everyone is hungry.
We pulled off at the first McDonalds that we saw and it was built like a train station.
We thought that was cute until we went inside.
It was packed!
It was built like a train station inside too.
There were vendors everywhere, it was hot and smelly and unbelievably crowded!
By the time we finally made it to my moms house, it had taken us almost 12 hours and Gregor had just about had it.  He said it was much worse than he expected.  Joy said it was better than she expected (she's traveled with kids before though).
Hopefully my kids redeemed themselves on the way home because they were really good and slept most of the time :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Utah Lake

A few weeks ago, Mike too us out on the boat on Utah Lake.
He bought this new knee-board/jimmy-jam and the kids LOVED it!
They miss my mom's old jimmy jam but this is even better!
It's shaped like a knee board but it doesn't have a strap, so Saxon can't get stuck like he did on the real knee board.  Also, the handle is attached, so it makes it easy to get up.
Mike took Dalton on it and he LOVED it!
He was begging to do something so Mike agreed to go with him.

Then Bridger wanted to try and I was so proud of him.
He usually doesn't want to try because he gets nervous.
He did so great!
He held on tight and didn't even get scared when he fell off.
Since then, he has been begging all the time to go again.
I was so proud of him that I made him pose for a million pictures :)

On Saxon's second turn, he decided to try some tricks.
He was leaning side to side trying to steer...
He tried crossing the wake...
He leaned over and touched the water like he's seen all the big kids do :)
Big smiles :)
And no hands!
It was so much fun!  Thank you so much Mike!!!