Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Little Stinker

A few days ago, my neighbor Brenda brought over Creamies for the boys.
They LOVED them!
Dalton, of course, made a huge drippy mess of his, and then started complaining that he needed to wash his hands.  Nate and I couldn't help him because I had just dropped a blue nail polish on the bathroom floor where it exploded!  The whole bathroom was covered in glass and blue nail polish.  So when he started whining about being sticky, we just said, "then go wash your hands!"

I heard him turn the water on in the bathroom.  The water was running for a while, but I didn't think too much about it because he was really sticky.  Then I heard water start overflowing and spilling onto the floor.  Nate and I ran in there and this is what we found:
He had found a bowl to put his Creamie in, grabbed a wad of paper towels to wash himself with, and then plugged the drain and climbed in the sink.
He was clearly very proud of his self-sufficiency.
Although the bathroom was an inch deep in water, I was pretty impressed too.
Way to take care of the problem buddy!
I love this little stinker!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

Back from Vegas...

We just got back from a quick weekend trip to Vegas.
The weather wasn't ideal, but the pool isn't open yet anyway, so I guess it didn't matter too much.  We stayed at the Flamingo and the kids LOVED it! 

One of the boys' favorite things that we did was going to the Coca-cola factory.
We tried the different flavors from around the world and laughed so hard!
Bridger's favorite was called "fanta magic."  It tasted like a combination of every fanta flavor that there is.  Gross.  Bridger loved it though!  Dalton loved the Coke from Germany.  I'm not sure why...there wasn't anything special about it but he wouldn't let it go.
We unanimously decided that the worst was the Coke from Italy.
It was horrible!  Mike tried it first and said "not too bad, tastes like Sprite."
So I took a big gulp.
The aftertaste was enough to make me gag.  It was awful!  Even Dalton was wiping his tongue off to try to get rid of the flavor.  We were laughing so hard!

We also got a "float tray."  It was a float from every flavor.  Well, every traditional flavor.  Bridger liked the orange fanta float.  Dalton liked the Coke float and so did Saxon.

Right after the Coke factory we went to the M&M factory.
The boys got to load up on all of the different colors and flavors.
Mike assigned each kid and "adult helper" so they didn't go overboard on the M&M's.
I helped Bridger and Nate helped Dalton and they each got a small bag of candy.
Mike helped Saxon and in the end his bag probably weighed 5 pounds.
It was HUGE!  Way to go Mike LOL.

Since the weather wasn't great, we decided to see what exhibits were going on.  It turns out the Bodies and Titanic were still at the Luxor so we walked over there.
Both were really amazing and even the boys paid attention and learned a lot.
We showed the boys all the different muscles and organs in the body and explained how they work.  Each section also explained the importance of being healthy.
The Titanic was really amazing too because it was set up just like the ship.  They even had an iceberg for everyone to touch.

After the exhibits, we walked all the way down to Treasure Island to see the Pirate Ship sink.  It turned out to be a longer walk than we thought and the boys almost didn't make it.  They were getting really tired!  We finally got there just in time and were able to watch it.  I have to say, I was a little disappointed.  I saw the Pirate Show when I was in college, and it was just a pirate fight and then one ship sinks.  They have now changed it to "The Sirens of T.I." and it starts off with half-dressed show girls.  I was really confused when it started and I looked over at Mike.  He said "I know...I read online that they changed it..."  So rather than a true pirate fight, it was a silly dancing girl song show.  I probably won't make it a priority to go back.

By lucky timing, we managed to make it back to the volcano at the Mirage just in time to watch it explode before heading back to the hotel.  It wasn't that late but Saxon was crying because he accidentally spilled him M&M's, and Bridger and Dalton had to go to the bathroom, so we decided to head up.  We ordered pizza and milkshakes for dinner and called it a night :)

The next day the weather was beautiful!  We didn't have a lot of time but we wanted to go up to the Stratosphere.

Nate and Saxon rode the Big Shot and Bridger sobbed the whole time because he was brave enough to go but not tall enough.  I felt so bad for him.

After that we headed back to Utah and the snow (sigh...).
It was fun get-a-way even if it was quick :)