Saturday, February 28, 2009

7 months

Today my Bridger is 7 months!
(well, he would be on February 31, but since that doesn't exist, today it is!)

Here's some of the things he can do:
-He can army crawl. Well, it's more like an inchworm. He moves his knees up, but forgets to move his arms. So he scoots his little legs up, nose-dives, straightens out, then does it again. He can get just about anywhere like that.
-We're pretty much done nursing. He's a big boy now.
-He chews on anything in his reach, but still no teeth.
-He still has the best smile and laugh I have ever seen!
-Sometimes he sleeps through the night.
-He is in his big boy room with Saxon now, in the crib.
-He thinks Saxon is the funniest person he has ever met! He cracks up anytime Saxon pays attention to him.
-He's a water baby. He already loves the pool!
-He's over his pacifier. He thinks it's funny toy, but he doesn't like sucking on it.

-He's my angel baby where ever we go (except in the car, he doesn't like his seat).

Friday, February 27, 2009


This is where I frequently lose Saxon.
Sometimes I hear a muffled
"Help Mommy Help"
because his head fits under the couch,
but he can't get it back out.
Sometimes I wonder if he will ever learn!
Then I realize that he has learned that every time he gets his head stuck under the couch, mom will get it back out...

These are some other funny Saxon-isms:

This morning he found a pack of crayons that I brought back from Brasil.
He held one up and asked,
"I break it?"
-No, no you cannot break it! Those are Mommy's special crayons.
A few minutes later a sad-faced Saxon hold up the broken brown crayon,
"Aww dang it!"
as if it spontaneously combusted.
-Saxon, that makes Mommy sad!
"Aww man!"
and he shows me his other hand with all of the broken crayons.
I wish I could say it was all an accident.
I'm pretty sure it was on purpose.

Last night Saxon wanted to "snuggle" in our bed.
As he was tossing and turning and rolling,
he looks up at the pictures above our bed and says:
"Mommy. Daddy. Jesus' temple.
Temple Jesus' house."
I was so proud of him.
What a smart boy!

Right now he is sitting on the couch,
listening to primary music,
reading US Weekly.

Earlier he dragged out my pink tool box
(thank you Holly)
and started telling me the names of all the tools.
Like father like son.
He walks around the house pretending to "fix" things.
Unfortunately, it's usually things that he broke to begin with.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wild Wednesday

Yesterday was WILD WEDNESDAY
at the ZOO.
My friend Andi called to say that the zoo was free, but that she didn't want to go, but thought that I might want to go.
Free?...I definitely want to go!
So, we called up Uncle Gregor and headed to the zoo!
Saxon loved the Elephants!
He can make the best elephant sound I've ever heard.

This is Saxon in front of the camels,
which he was fairly sure were goats.

This is us with the cougars,
that Saxon called lions.
Close enough...

Saxon got a little tired after a while,
so he rode on Uncle Gregor.
He was driving Gregor crazy by sticking his fingers in his ears and pinching his nose. :)

As always, Bridger was an angel.
He was happy as can be to be outside.
Look at those eyes!
Isn't he gorgeous!
We finished up the day with some flavor blast ice cream from the Beastro :)

Sweet Potato

This was our first experience with baby
Sweet Potatoes.
Looks Yummy!

and speaking of my little sweet potato,
he can scoot backwards.
I think that's a bad sign.
It means that scooting forwards is right around the corner,
and we're definitely not ready for that!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is the new face of SUPERMAN!
(See that intimidating growl he's doing?)
Last night at work,
heard a commotion up at the front of the store,
He went up to investigate
and found someone trying to steal from them!
Two other men were trying to stop the thief,
but he was getting away.
So, Superman, reached out
and grabbed the man as he was running out the door.
He grabbed whatever he could reach,
which happened to be the back of the thief.
He ended up grabbing a big handful of the thief's boxers,
and pulling so hard that he ripped them right off the guy,
successfully stopping him in his tracks.
The police were called
and the thief arrested.
All thanks to SUPERMAN
giving the guy a super-wedgie!
We're so proud!
One of Superman's fellow employees
saved the ripped off boxers and framed them in the office.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today was such a gorgeous day!
It was 50 degrees out,
(yes, I know, still freezing, but not bad for Utah winter).
Nate had the day off,
so we called and recruited Mike,
and decided to go back to Jolley's Ranch
for a day of sledding!
The boys climbed the hill and sledded down for hours...
Saxon says:
"ready, set, GO!"
and off they went...
Bridger got to hang out with me while Mike and Nate took turns sending Saxon down the hill and dragging both the sled and Saxon back up.
The sled seemed to have a mind of it's own.
It preferred to spin Saxon around backwards,
sometimes crossing into other lanes,
sometimes plowing people over.
This is Bridger after his first trip down.
He has to keep up with the big boys.
This is Nate teaching Saxon how to pee like a real man.
The bathrooms weren't close,
and since he's a boy we figured,
why not?
The whole way home he talked about making yellow snow.
He's such a boy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Why I love Brittany

Dear Brittany,
Well, today is moving day, and we are SO SAD that you are leaving. Saxon has been asking to see you all morning. He doesn't understand "moving" but he knows something is up. We miss you already. I've been thinking all morning about the million reasons why I am going to miss you. So, the kids and I have come up with our top 10 reasons why we love Aunt BB:
Italic1. Caitlin - You have been there for me at all of the most important moments in my life (my wedding, the birth of my children, first house, etc.) I can't thank you enough for how much you saved us when Bridger was born. You're my hero!
Saxon - You were there when I woke up and spent the weekend with me when Bubby was born. You bought me bugs, jumped in the elevator, and spoiled me rotten. I didn't even miss my mom :)
Bridger - You were one of the first people I met on the day I was born and you've been there everyday since in my whole 6 months!
2. Caitlin - You do my hair and makeup and pictures. You make me feel skinny and beautiful even during times when I'm neither.
Saxon - You're my second mom. You have me fully convinced that I am the cutest, smartest, funniest kid to ever live!
Bridger - You brought mom flowers and candy when she found out I was a boy. You were so excited for mom to have double trouble with two boys.
3. Caitlin - You have come to my rescue during several potty training disasters.
Saxon - You rescued me from my mean mom when I had an accident. You always make it ok again.
Bridger - You took care of me so mom could take care of the mess.
4. Caitlin - You're always up for anything. Let's do lunch, let's get our makeup done, let's take pictures, let's go somewhere, let's do something...
Saxon - You take me on fun dates. I loved going to see Madagascar 2 with you. I'm still working on my booty dance.
Bridger - You sneak me treats, cookies, pizza, diet coke, etc.
5. Caitlin - You are one of the most generous people I know. You are always buying gifts for people to let them know you love them. You spoil me and my kids. You even buy gifts for my friends kids. You are always thinking of other people. So many times you have offered to do someone's hair and makeup just to make their day better. You've done it for me a million times over, you helped Nate's sister get ready for her wedding, you took pictures of your neighbor's sister's baby before she gave him up for adoption, you volunteer at the elementary school, you give discounts to tons of people just so they can afford a spa day, you buy gifts and then have to think of a reason to give it. There are so many more examples!
Saxon - you buy me presents just to make me smile! This picture is my "BB ball jammies." I still love my Buzz and Woody too! You also give me all your coins for my potty piggy you taught me to make wishes at the fountain in the mall.
Bridger - you always make sure I'm not left out. You buy us cute matching outfits too.
6. Caitlin - You love my kids like your own. You don't know (well, you probably do) how many times I cried because I had to leave my kids and go to work. Working full time after having a baby was one of the hardest times in my life. If it wasn't for knowing that you had Saxon, and that you really loved him, I would have fallen apart. You have no idea how much it means to me that you love my kids like you do!
Saxon - I love riding in BB's car, in my cow car seat. We always do fun things and go fun places and get Happy Meals.
Bridger - You're brave enough to run errands with both of us. It took mom a few months to be that brave!
7. Caitlin - You're so talented. Hair, makeup, photography, interior decorating, personal friend.
Saxon - Remember this..."more whoa BB whoa!" and "more BB fall."
Bridger - I love my cute baby in a basket pictures! You snuggled me on the way home until I fell asleep. Then Beau snuggled me on you bed while I warmed up.

8. Caitlin - I miss the summers when we lay by the Pemberley pool and listen to your IPOD and read US Weekly. I'm going to miss our salmon and rice pilaf dinners, and baking a million Christmas cookies next year.
Saxon - Two words...DIET COKE.
Bridger - You've already introduced me to it too!
9. Caitlin - You're inspiring. Everyone likes you instantly. You get every job you apply for. You think that not getting ready in the morning is just a bad habit. You wear your cute clothes everyday instead of saving everything for a special occasion. You're not afraid to try new things. You hate long's boring. You give me all your old clothes (which often still have tags on them).
Saxon - I always come back from visiting you with cute hair and new clothes.
Bridger - You gave me my first haircut and my first tootsie pop!
10. Caitlin - I have loved having family out here. An Aunt, Uncle, and cousins for my kids. Someone else who dresses up on Christmas Eve but wears your new clothes on Christmas Day. Someone else who thinks every kids should get See's candy on Valentine's Day. Someone else who know that a "4-wheeler" is really called a "Quad." You're the person I can always go to and say "see, it makes sense huh?" and it always makes sense to you too. I love going places and having people say, "Wow, you guys are obviously sisters!" :)
Saxon - you understand me. We speak the same secret language.
Bridger - I love you for how much you love me!

Good luck in California. I hope it's everything you hoped it would be and I hope you're always happy!

We love you and miss you so much already!
We're counting down to March when you come back to see us!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Saxon Ski

We decided to take Saxon on his first Cross-Country Ski today.
Well, a first ski for all of us actually.

A friend of mine took her 2 year old little girl skiing,
so I thought if her baby girl can do it,
Saxon can do it.
And if Saxon can do it,
I can do it,
right?...I hope.

Surprisingly, we all did great,
and had SO MUCH FUN!
After all these years of living in Utah,
I have finally discovered a winter sport that I like :)
When my Dad and Deanna were here, they mentioned what a shame it would be if Saxon grows up in Utah and never learns to ski. It's true too. But skiing is soooo expensive and Nate and I don't ski (well...Nate snowboards).
We went to Jolley's Ranch in Springville.
One lady that works there even took Saxon out one on one to practice with him while Nate and I got geared up and put Bridger in the backpack.
They were really good to us!
Saxon was such a trooper on his own little skis!
He even forged his own trail once he spotted the playground.
We can't wait to go back and do it again!
It was a beautiful day today and perfect to spend outside!
We're always up for a new adventure,
and today it was cross-country skiing.
Saxon is begging me right now for,
"More snow...more fun...more ski."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kicks and Giggles

I was really worried before I had Bridger that Saxon wouldn't like having a baby. Or, that he would miss having 100% of the attention.
Yeah right!
Saxon loves his baby.
He tells him,
"Bubby my best friend."

Apparently, Bridger loves his Saxon too!
They are like two little peas in a pod, which means that I am in for it once Bridger is mobile!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saxon Brownies

For our FHE treat last night we made
"Saxon Brownies"
with our little man.

When the letters were all cut out I asked
-What does it say Saxon?
Without even hesitating,
Thanks BB for the alphabet letters!