Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

Yesterday morning we went to Saxon's Kindergarten Graduation.
He did such a great job!
He knew every song and sang loud and clear.
I loved watching him. 

Waiting for it to start: 
The snowman medley:
Looking cool:
Our cute graduate and his support team:
I love my Saxy!  I really can't believe how big he is getting!  It's all happening way too fast...
One of the little girls in Saxon's class brought a candy lei for each kid, and her dad gave an extra one to Bridger!  That must have been so much work...but the kids were all sooooo excited!!
The kids helped pick out a "The Hobbit" lego set for Saxon for graduation and he was really excited about it.  Bridger was excited to give it to him because he wanted to play with it too :)
Two of my cute boys!  Dalton was off playing on the playground with the big kids :)
Congratulations Saxon!!!
I'm so proud of you and we love you sooooo much!!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day Weekend, we went down to St. George with Mike.
It was such a nice escape from all of the chaos that's been going on around here.
And of course, the weather was gorgeous!!!
The kids were in heaven to each have their own beds, and because since they each had their own bed, they slept through the night and didn't sneak into our bed.
It was lovely.

One of the things we wanted to check out while we were there was a huge waterfall at Gunlock Reservoir.  It turns out that the reservoir has to be overflowing to create the waterfall (so, no waterfall), but the lake was beautiful and surrounded by red sandstone.  We spent all afternoon on the rocks while the kids swam and played.
Nate taught the boys to skip rocks and they were getting pretty good at it. 

We also spent an entire day swimming!
We started off in the hotel pool.
Then we got lunch and headed toward the splash pad in the center of town.
After playing there for awhile, we met up with Emily at a splash pad by her house and the kids got to play with cousins.  Needless to say, they were sooo sunburned by the end of the day.  I felt terrible, but they had so much fun!
We also had a BBQ with Emily and family on Sunday night.
The kids got to run around together and swim all night long.
They LOVE playing with cousins!
They get along so well with Emily's kids that they played together until after 11 pm.
I wish I had more pictures, but every time we got together with Emily, I spent the entire time talking with Emily and forgot to get out my camera.  Oh well.  They really did have a TON of fun!

When we finally made it back home on Monday night, it was cloudy and stormy.  Tuesday rained and had a high of 62 degrees.  It made us even more grateful for our 90 degree weekend getaway :)  Can't wait until summer!!! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Bridger's preschool graduation

Bridger had his preschool graduation on Wednesday night!
He was the line leader for Ms. Nettie's class :)
Ms. Nettie promised him that if he would sing all the songs and do all the actions, she would get him a present.  So he did, and she did :)  It was so much fun to watch!  Once again, what would we do without Ms. Nettie!
Our little graduate :)

Mike and Brittany both came to support Bubs too.

Saxon had to leave early to go to baseball practice, but he was able to see most of the graduation.

Bridger with Ms. Jenny and Ms. Nettie:
(they were the perfect team for him.  They were soooo good with him!  He learned so much and he loved preschool!)
So proud of you Bubby!  We love you soooo much!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jack and the Beanstalk

For an end of kindergarten project, Saxon had to do a fairy tale report.
Of course, he picked "Jack and the Beanstalk."
It's one of the fairy tales that I am least familiar with, so we had to read a few versions of it first.  Then he had to re-write the story in his own words.  It had to have a distinct beginning, middle, and end, be spelled correctly and have correct grammar and punctuation.  He also had to illustrate it and design a cover.  It was a lot of work!  The next week, they had their "Fairy Tale Ball".  They each dressed up like the character from their fairy tale and had fairy tale activities all day.  We had to be creative to think of what Jack would wear, but this is what we came up with: 
Isn't he darling?!!
He looked soooo cute with his hat and his bag of magic beans!
Nate stayed up all night making his bag of magic beans.
And a funny story about the leaves...
Saxon has been really nervous about moving this summer, so he is having a hard time letting go of things.  He wants to save everything he finds.  He keeps hiding things under his bed; rocks, sticks, leaves, and pretty much anything I try to throw away.
I was wishing for some leaves to decorate his costume when I remembered that a few weeks ago, he found a fake tree branch full of leaves and asked to keep it.  I said no.  But, I thought there was probably a good chance that he kept it and hid it somewhere.  So we asked him, and sure enough, it was hidden behind some things we are storing under the bed so we couldn't see it.  He pulled it out and we were able to finish off his costume.  He was pretty proud that all his "saving" worked out because I keep trying to throw all of his "treasures" away.
I just can't get over how handsome he is!
Love love love this boy!!!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Visit from Grammie

Grammie came into town a few weeks ago for Gregor's graduation.
Apparently he kept the whole thing a secret (I'm explaining in case everyone is wondering why they didn't know Gregor was graduation).  We went out to dinner first with Joy's parents and then went to the graduation.  It was awesome.  So proud of Gregor!!! 

They had procession of bagpipes and drums because apparently David Eccles was Scottish.
It was really cool to listen to though instead of the graduation march.
Gregor on the Jumbotron:
Me and Gregor and Joy.
Why am I pregnant at all of the important events in Gregor's life?
He should plan this better...
Gregor and Joy and her parents (who are some of the coolest people in the world).
I always remind Gregor about how lucky he is, but I think he knows.
They are even so wonderful to me and my family just because we are related to Gregor.
Love them.
My big boys before church.
Obviously Dalton wouldn't cooperate.
Grammie wanted a picture of them in their Easter shirts because she bought them for them and they look soooo good in them!
And finally, me and Grammie and the boys.
It was so much fun having her in town.
We are already counting down until the next visit.
I'm hoping she'll also come in June to help us move and in July for the baby.
Ha ha, that might be asking a lot.
Maybe she should save herself the trouble and just move her so she's always close :)
And ps:  I think everyone knows anyway, and it's pretty obvious from the picture, but we're having a baby.  In about 7 weeks.  Can't wait.  I have a half finished post where I was going to announce it, but I never finished the post.  Life is getting away from me.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Fire Station Field Trip

Bridger had his end of the year Fire Station field trip a few weeks ago.
He wouldn't look at me for a picture though...
We weren't supposed to bring siblings, but we brought Dalton anyway :)
He fits right in and participated in everything.
We even packed him a sack lunch like all of the preschool kids.

First they toured the fire station, then watched a safety video, then practiced "stop-drop-roll", and then got to do the obstacle course.
They LOVED that part!  There was a bounce house and little bikes to ride on.
And of course, they got fire hats :)
Such a fun day!
Love doing stuff with my Bubs :)