Saturday, January 31, 2009

6 Months

Today is January 31, 2009, so...
Happy 6 months to my
Bridger Bug!
Here are some of the 6 month milestones from the Pediatrician:

-Adores playing with balls, rattles, and squeaky toys - CHECK (notice the football in the pictures?)
-Usually sleeps through the night - I wish! It's only getting worse...
-Usually begins teething - not yet (thankfully, since I'm still nursing)
-May prefer some foods to others - Yes, remember the rice cereal pictures? It was definitely not his favorite. He loves pizza crust though!
-May enjoy playing with food - CHECK, esp. spitting/spraying it back at us. He thinks it's hilarious!
-Loves games like "peek-a-boo" - I think so, he loves "5 little piggies" and "itsy bitsy spider". He loves to pretend to be shy when people are paying attention to him. It's his way of flirting :)
-Babbles, squeals, and jabbers - CHECK, esp. the squeals. He fake coughs too to get our attention. He can't let his big brother out-do him!
-Begins to sit alone - piece of cake...he's been sitting on his own for weeks!
-Continues to use motions leading to crawling - Crawling? I sure hope not. I'm not ready for that yet! Saxon crawled way too soon, I'm hoping Bridger will wait a little while.
I love you Bridger!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Accident Free for...0 days!

Accident Free for...0 days!
That's right, ZERO!
We're working on potty training and it was going pretty well.
Saxon has been in spider-man undies for almost a week.
We've had a few mishaps, but we had been accident free for
3 whole days!
he fell off the wagon.
Not fell, exactly,
more like he took a running start and jumped off the wagon.
First, he peed his undies at home.
He never has accidents at home!
He's usually so good about going to his little potty.
Later, he squatted down and pooped on my carpet.
And walked in it!
Then, when Nate was lecturing him about the importance of pooping only in the potty, he said...
"Shush-up Daddy"
His first bad word.
Where did he learn that? We don't say that.
All this in one day!
So, Brittany is going to help me but a little potty ticker on my blog so we can track the progress. We need some encouragement.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Cute Apron

Here it is!

Pink and yellow,
I love it!!!

Helping my little man with his clementine.

If you want to order one of these cute aprons
link onto "The Price Family" blog
and leave a comment for Andi.
Just let her know what colors you want...
She is going to be posting more pictures and prices on her blog soon!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Retro Aprons

Here's a sneak peek at the cute new aprons Andi is making.
I was lucky enough to get to try on all of them!
My favorite, of course, is the one she is making for me.
It's gorgeous, and
so me!
Bright pink and yellow,
I can't wait to show it off!

I wish I had a picture of the other way you can wear these.
You just fold them over and you can wear it as a half apron with the bow tied in front. Andi is going to post the picture on her blog...
Holly made these cute Mommy & Me aprons for Andi and Kenna.
Andi is going to try to come up with a cute "boy" apron for Saxon.
He loves to help me bake,
and I would love to spare his outfit when we bake...
We decided to try out these aprons for real and bake cinnamon muffins in them. They were so yummy!
That is what Kenna is eating in all of the pictures :)
If you're interested in one of these cute aprons,
just email Andi on "The Price Family" blog.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Searching for Summer

I LOVE Summertime!
I miss summer, it makes me happy.
But, since I can't be grouchy all winter,
we do the next best thing...
We go searching for SUMMER
by doing summertime things,
like SWIMMING! :)
Today we went to the pool and Saxon brought his friend Kennady.
Since we didn't have a swim suit for her,
she was a good sport and wore Saxon's
board shorts and rash guard.
Don't they look cute!
"Oh, what do you do in the summertime,
when all the world is green?
Do you swim in a pool,
to keep yourself cool,
or swing in a tree up high?
Is that what you do?
So do I!"
"Oh, what do you do in the summertime,
when all the world is green?

Do you fish in a stream,
or lazily dream
on the banks as the clouds go by,
Is that what you do?
So do I!"
Children's Songbook #245
After a couple hours of swimming their little hearts out
and pretending that it's summertime,
we finished up with donuts and doritos!
I know...not very healthy,
but I let them pick all by themselves.
We had so much fun!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Winter Formal

These are some of Brooke's Winter Formal pictures.
Isn't she stunning!
I wish I could have been there to see her.
She looks gorgeous!
Brooke and Julian

Brooke and Mom

The group they went with rented a "party bus,"
look at the inside of it!

And this is the party bus pulling away...

I love you Brookie! I hope you have fun.
I can't wait to hear about it!

Friday, January 23, 2009

I Cried for You

Last night I went visiting teaching, and left my kids with Mike (who graciously agreed to babysit) for a few hours. When I got home, Saxon decided to re-enact what happened since I left.

It went something like this:

(fake crying) "Mommy, I cry"
-You cried for me?
"Uh-huh" (more fake crying)
and this face...

-What else happened?
-You even got your boots on?
"Uh-huh, Let's go, Mike no, cold"
(more fake crying) and this face...
(more fake crying and stomping his feet)
-You even tantrumed?
"Uh-huh, Mike cream-creams"
-Mike bribed you with ice cream?
(still fake crying) and this sad face...
"Mike, be right back, 5 minutes"
-Mike said 5 more minutes?
"Mommy, Saxy come teaching...I cry for you"
-You wanted to come visiting teaching?
(and more fake crying, just to make the point clear)

And obviously, Saxon's stories usually involve only the key words, some sign language, and some reenacting. He's told me this story several times. His feelings were very hurt that I went "teaching" without him :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Work of Art...

One of Saxon's favorite movies is "Curious George,"
especially this part of the movie...
This is life imitating art...

You should see my table now!
Saxon has also been begging to "cut cut" lately.
So, I unleashed him on my junk mail.
He managed to shred every piece into little bits.
Who needs a shredder when you have a Saxon?

Being this creative is exhausting!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Look

I just inherited this bedding from my Grandma Beth.
Thanks Grandma!
It's not complete yet, because I don't have pillows big enough for the matching pillow shams, but this is close to what it will look like...

And, Andi brought me this cute antique highchair a few days ago. I was so excited!
I never bought a highchair because they are so expensive and I don't have room in my house. I had been wanting an antique one like hers, because it's small. So, she found this and brought it over. I love it!
Thanks Andi!

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Blue eyes like me...

This is the email Gregor sent me
from his quick Friday - Sunday
trip to California.
"Blue eyes like me"
Gregor and Alice in Wonderland.
While Gregor was in California, This is what he missed...
Bridger can sit :)
He's only 5 1/2 months, so I'm pretty proud of him!

And roll...
though he usually gets so distracted
by his yummy toes
that he doesn't quite make it
all the way over :)

I love these big blue eyes too!

Frost and Fog...
that is what else he missed
while enjoying the sun...

and ice...
It didn't snow,
this is just the frost...
We miss the sun!