Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Our ward hosted a neighborhood activity and BBQ called "PemFest".
The kids all decorated bikes and had a "bike parade" around the neighborhood.
Nate duct taped superheros to the front of their bikes...
They felt so cool!

Bridger and his little girlfriend Katelyn.
They ran the "3 legged race" together holding hands, and won.
The announced had to specify that you had to abide by the rules to actually win.
They didn't care though.
The next round they didn't win, they were 2nd and both came back in tears.
They thought they had this event made :)
Saxon getting ready for the 3 legged race:

Bridger got his face painted like spiderman:
The event went from 10-12 and my boys stayed outside playing with friends until almost 2!
They had a blast!
We really love our neighborhood and our fun neighbors!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walgreens Walk for Life

We went to the Walgreens Walk for Life on Friday at Murray High.
Nate was expected to be there, and since we don't want to miss a moment of our "Nate time" we decided to go too.  Nate was so excited that we were going that he brought us all Walgreen's shirts to wear :)
Gregor and Joy met us there, and it was really a lot of fun.
The kids got cotton candy and jumped in the bounce house and made friends with everyone.
Cosmo was there and Bridger got his picture with him.

Since Bridger never looks at the camera, Cosmo held his head in place.
It was hilarious!

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Escape Artist

This kid is a mover!
He crawls all over,
Walks holding on things,
Can stand by himself for a few seconds,
and gets into EVERYTHING!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


This summer, we thought we'd try out T-Ball for Saxon.
Bridger is too young, so we didn't sign him up.
Although, he is as big as some of the kids on the teams, so I wish that I had.

The first game was a HUGE success!
The best part about t-ball is that everyone gets a turn at bat.
Saxon LOVED that he got his own turn, all by himself, to show what he could do.

It turns out, however, that being in the field gets kind of boring.
Since none of the kids can hit it harder than a few feet in front of them,
only the closest kid gets to touch the ball.
Saxon gets so bored when the other team is at bat...

Looking like a pro already :)
Ha ha.
Ok, not really, but he is pretty cute out there...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Seven Peaks

We were so lucky to have Kasen in town for a few days last week.
He was in town with his Dad and his friend Weston, and they spent a few days with us.
We all decided to go to Seven Peaks because we have our passes.
Kasen and Weston were SO HELPFUL!
It was a little chilly outside, and then at one point started to rain, then the sun came out and it was hot, then the clouds gathered, and we left before it could rain again.

By the time it started to rain, Bridger was crying because he was too tired, and Dalton was crying because he was too tired, and Saxon was crying because he didn't want to go.
So, we went back over to our towels and Mike snuggled Dalton and he fell asleep, and I snuggled Bridger and he fell asleep, and then Kasen took Saxon and went down all the big slides.

Kasen and Weston going down the free fall slide:
Kasen took Saxon down all of the big slides and Saxon LOVED it!
They went down the toilet bowl, the half-pipe, and some other big ones.
The big ones empty into pools, so the lifeguards would get ready when they saw Saxon coming to help him out so he didn't get pulled under by the water pressure.  Saxon thought it was so cool that the lifeguards would come help him and only him.  (Ha ha, probably because he was the only one who needed help :)
It was such a great day and by the end, the kids were exhausted!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

American Fork Canyon

We had dinner in American Fork Canyon last week.
It's one of our favorite things to do.
My kids LOVE it!
I was a little nervous this time because the river was raging and I didn't want my kids to go near it.  We actually found the perfect site (away from the river) but near a bunch of huge rocks so my kids could go "rock climbing".
Baby Dalton had to be trapped in his play pen:
Saxon rock climbing:
Saxon and Bridger rock climbing:
Both boys had to poop while we were there, and the nearest bathroom was flooded from the rain and not usable.
So, Nate taught them to poop in the woods.
That was an experience.
They were both so excited to give me the details of how it works.
I was just glad that Nate was there to have that experience with them.
I was spared this time :)

Lunch date with Grandma Beth

Since my mom missed out on seeing Grandma Beth on the day that Brooke and I drove out there, we planned a lunch date for another day.
We met at the Simi Valley mall and had lunch at Souplanation and let the kids play on the playground.  Kasen was able to come this time too, which was really helpful with the kids.
Kasen is a great uncle because he doesn't mind playing with them and watching them for me.  I always know I can trust Kasen with my kids.
The Simi Valley mall is an outdoor mall and has this cool water feature that my kids wouldn't stay out of:

By the end, Bridger was soaked and wanted to get naked so he didn't have to wear his soggy clothes.

Uncle Kasen and Baby Dalton

Bridger finally succeeded in stripping down to his undies.
It was a battle to make him keep his undies on.
He wanted to be totally naked.
I'm sure people were really impressed with my parenting when we walked around the mall with my 3 soaking wet and 1 naked child.
Oh well :)
My Dad met us down there for a little while to play with the kids and get a few temple names from me that needed to be done.  It was so fun to see him because we hadn't really spent any time with him during our trip.
The best part was that right when he got there, Bridger had to poop.
So, my dad picked him up and rushed him off to the potty.
Right when he got back, Saxon had to poop.
So, he rushed him off to the potty.
It was such a nice day for me because between my dad and Kasen, the kids were occupied and I could visit with my Grandma.
Thanks Dad!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Swimming Lessons

The boys just finished their first round of swimming lessons, so be prepared for too many pictures :)  I didn't take pictures the whole time, so on the last day, I took a million.
I love doing swimming lessons in the summer!
My kids love going to the pool everyday and love that the last day of swimming lessons is "slide day".
Bridger is so cute, that several different instructors came up to him to ask if he wanted to go again.  He always wanted to go again.  So, he got to go as many times as he could until class was over.  When Bridger's teacher said that she could go down the slide one more time, Bridger dove into her arms so that he could be the one to go again.

Saxon was the youngest and smallest kid in his class.  He wasn't tall enough to go on the slide by himself, so his teacher had to take him.  She was a good sport and took him a ton of times!
Saxon's teacher LOVED him and told him how she really hopes to get him again.
Saxon (like Nate) has a hard time paying attention.
His teacher would have to say "Saxon, Saxon, Saxon...SAXON!  Eyes on me!"
Then he would turn his eyes to her and wiggle his eyebrows at her.
She laughed so hard every time that she couldn't get frustrated.
She told him that he is a very good little swimmer.

The last activity of the day for the older classes was to jump off the diving board.
The teachers decided that Saxon was too young to go off the diving board.
Poor guy.
I totally understand because I want him to be safe, but I did feel bad for him.
Bridger's favorite game was "Chop Chop Timber!" and jump in the pool.
One night he was talking in his sleep and saying "chop chop timber..."
It was so funny!
Bridger would jump and dance and prance on the edge until it was his turn.
I liked watching "fishy in a basket" where whoever was the little fishy in the basket had to swim under everyone's arms to get out.  It was really cute!

Bridger proudly displaying his level one certificate:

Swimming buddies:

Saxon with his level 3 certificate:
Good job guys!
I'm so proud of you!!!!