Sunday, August 25, 2013

Minecraft Party - Saxon's 7th B-day

For Saxon's 7th b-day party, he wanted a "Minecraft Party".

(For some reason, these pictures posted in reverse order and I don't want to bother re-doing them, so this is how the party went from the end to the beginning...)

 Bridger's b-day came up so quickly after having Jagger that I was a little stressed.
I thought I would have plenty of time to plan Saxon's party, but before I knew it, it was only a few days away.
So once again, I called up a few friends and asked them to come back over for another BBQ and another party :)

Here are Dalton and Petyon jumping on the trampoline together: 
Saxon and all his friends eating cake and ice cream and checking out their pinata candy:
We made mint brownies instead of cake because minecraft has lots of brown and green and everything is square.  So each kid got a square of mint brownie.

Saxon wanted a pinata that looked like "Steve" from Minecraft.
Since they didn't have that, we bought an army guy.
On the first swing, Saxon knocked his head off.
Nate had to tie him around the waist and hang him back up so everyone could hit the pinata.

We blew up a bunch of balloons and taped mincraft pig, minecraft cow, and minecraft ghost faces on them.  Then all of the kids got to attack the balloons with dollar-store weapons.  That was Saxon's idea.  I'm pretty sure it was the most violent b-day party game ever.  Each balloon had candy though so for every pig they killed they got a roll of smarties.
Minecraft "creeper" party bags...I had to improvise because I forgot party bags while I was at the store and had to come up with something right before the party.
Minecraft "TNT" to blow things up.
Afterward, Saxon told me it was his best b-day party ever and he wants to do that every year.  What a relief!  I only had a few days to plan and we only had a few friends over, so I was so happy that he loved it!

Happy Birthday Saxon!

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